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Tomorrow is THE Day...


I know I can do it..
Ok, tomorrow is the day I am 'starting' my Weight Watchers diet for what I swear is going to be the last time!

I've joined a gym and going to go everyday for a slow build up with a 45 minute programme and then for a swim to cool down afterwards... no matter how embarassing it's gonna be. :( So, so embarassing! But... i'm going to do it, the hardest part for me is getting up early to do the early bird thing as there's more 'grown up' people there at that time so hopefully, i'll have less comments about the beach whale scenario.
My boyfriend has booked a holiday for us and we're flying on the 28th of this month... I'm so scared of the flying part just because of the embarassment and I can't explain how much of a lump in my throat it's given me and how much i'm already 'dying of embarassment' about it. :sigh: Is there weight restrictions? I'm so scared they're gonna ask me to get off the plane or to buy another seat or soemthing. I went on a plane 18 months ago and wedged myself in the seat by the window with my boyfriend next to me (who's 6ft 2 and 21 stone but doesn't 'look' fat so he's ok) I didn't want to sit next to anyone cos i'd feel bad if they thought I was squashing them, and at 23 stone I feel i'm massive... and then I didn't move for the whole flight :( Not one inch did I get up. I'm too embarassed to look at other people and see that they're looking at me.. so, I need to sooo lose weight, the thought of it is eating me up but my boyfriend needs a holiday bless him... anyone know of any rules etc regarding aeroplanes?
On a positive note though, and taking the aeroplane scenario away.. I'm really up for the exercise!:sigh:
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I'm 19 stone and fly regularly, well more than twice a year in any case. I think you have to be completely huuuuge to have to buy two seats and I've never heard of there being weight restrictions on people! I find the biggest problems are leg room and seatbelts. Different planes have different space and different sized seatbelts.
If you can't fasten your seatbelt you have to ask for an extension, that is embarassing.
Don't worry too much Tracey. You've got a month and WW + gym will make a difference.
Where are you going anyway?

The last twice I've flown I've asked for an extension belt as I've got on the plane. No one takes any notice and I didn't feel embarrassed at all. Far better than worrying about whether you will get the belt fastened.

And even when I flew at the weekend the ordinary belt still didn't fasten. I keep trying but not yet

Irene xx


I know I can do it..
Awww thanks very much both. I'm so stressed about it, not looking forward to going purely because of the plane, you've deffo eased it for me though. A friend of mine told me she was asked to buy another seat when she flew over to Ireland and she's 19 stone. I was about 22 stone last time I flew, and I'm 23 stone now so I'm worried even more, but thanks for your help. It does make me feel a bit better, but i am going to get stuck in hard for these couple of weeks. I'm going to Mallorca (I think lol.) Flying on the 28th...maybe i'll ask for an extender belt as I get on just incase (didn't need one last time, but I was too embarassed to ask so I squished myself in lol)

Thanks Silence and IreneH, very much appreciated! xx
I guess if you ask for an extension belt when you get on the plane people are too busy looking around for their seats to notice other people, rather than doing it when everyone's sat down and looking about.

You'll do great on WW though, i'm on it and so far so good!
I went to portugal a few years ago and there were tiny people asking for extensions so don't feel bad if you have too!!

Hope you're getting long well and looking forward to your hols!!!
Hiya Tracy hope u are enjoying your hol, lm just over 22 stone and am just taking things one day at a time lve only started in last couple of days and am keeping a food diary its going well so far - if u want a diet buddy lm here for ya - all the best


I know I can do it..
Hi all,

Thanks for the replies...

Well, I'm embarassed to say... i'm going on hols in less than 48 hours and I haven't lost any weight. I was putting too much stress on myself and ended up spending a couple of days only eating a bowl of frosties and trying to starve myself... lol I'm sure I could go a couple of years on starvation mode mind you but , enough is enough.
I need to take my diet slow, properly and do the right thing where as I was panicking and trying to 'crash' diet. So, here I am... going on hols Sunday 28th FAT as can be and i'm going to try my best to enjoy. I'm quite shy and very conscious (last time i went i just wanted to come home cos I feel people are staring all the time) but i'm not gonna do that this time. I'm going to enjoy and when I get back i'm going to try my best the proper way... for the last time and I need to mean it. I didn't wanna come back on here and say this because i'd failed :(

Leilak... i'd love a diet buddy hun. I think it would be great... thank you! :D When i'm back from hols i'm going to start a diary like yourself, it's a great idea. My dog is growing so needs walking and that's what i'm gonna do :D slowly and get there!

But, thanks all anyways :) You're a lovely bunch of people.

Ro Laren

7st 11lbs down ...
I'm flying to Finland in November with EasyJet and I've bought two seats. Their website had the seating dimensions and I didn't want to be massively uncomfortable for the whole 3 1/2 hours flight. The flights are so cheap anyway, that doubling the fare is still very good value.

Not sure about fitting in the teeny tiny toilets, though!
wee a lot before you get on :)

the flights i've been on the arm rests don't go up very far in any case so i don't know what good buying two seats would do? they go up at a bit of an angle but not all the way up...

Ro Laren

7st 11lbs down ...
wee a lot before you get on :)

the flights i've been on the arm rests don't go up very far in any case so i don't know what good buying two seats would do? they go up at a bit of an angle but not all the way up...
You worried me enough to check with EasyJet! They definately say to book two seats of you are wider than the standard.

It obviously depends on the airline.
sorry hon. didn't mean to worry you. just thought it was worth mentioning :) it must be scandinavian airways. you don't get many overweight scandinavians i suppose. it's scary walking around denmark at times... everyone automatically starts talking to me in english. i obviously look very undanish even before i open my mouth!! ha.

abz xx


I know I can do it..
Well, i'm back from my holidays!! Woohoo! I made it back!

Ok, well.. i'm 23 stone, 5'6 and I squished into the seats. No extender belt either. Most of my weight is on my belly (apple shape) but of course, I don't get to be 23 stone with a small bum... but, I managed!
It's of course embarassing though because when I say squished into the seats... I do mean SQUISHED! lol

Saying that tho, my boyfriend is 6'2 and he was by far more uncomfortable because of no leg room and he had to stand the majority of the way. Bless him.

Good to be home though. Also, I've got an appointment coming up with the Cambridge Diet consultant, and I'm feeling positive and hoping to start it really soon
hiya, hope you had a great time on your holiday. I know what its like to feel uncomfortable on planes - I'm over 17st and I had to ask for an extender belt when I went to Florida last year. I was so mortified I even squeezed myself into the onboard toilet for over 10 minutes because I was so embarrassed I ended up crying!

good luck with CD - ive never tried it myself.. i am a lover of Weight Watchers as its easier on me as I have no willpower and I do have days where all i want is a multipack of crisps LOL.

Keep us updated with your progress.. wish you lots of luck with it :)


I know I can do it..
Awww, I so feel for you about being in the toilet for 10 minutes and crying.

I enjoyed the holiday (the second part anyway) the first week I was very conscious of people staring at me, and I just wanted to go home. Felt so embarassed I cried and was counting down the days to go home from day 1.. but, after about 5 days I got better and loved it there then, but I was still aware of things. I walk towards people and they look straight down at my belly. :( I hate that, I go bright red and think about it straight away. So I vowed.. I'm changing (again lol)

I like the WW diet too hun, but I think the CD would be best. I know I can't have ANY food, so the introduction would be best. I'm hoping anyways hehe.

Ohhh and them multipack of crisp days?? lol... I have them in my week too lol :D:D