hello to you all ......looking forward to getting started inspired by all your posts .........want to loose 56 pounds .......will log in and let you know how i'm doing ....thanks u all susan
Hi Susan
Good luck on your weightloss journey.
Remember to drink lots of water.
Try to take it a bit easy the fist few days.
Looking forward,hearing about your journey.
Sending positive vibes for tomorrow
Hi there.

Good luck on your journey. Glug the water but do so consistently.

The best advice I can give you is to throw yourself into thinking about that weeks topic covered in group whilst you are at home. The more you can pinpoint and deal with your issues, the easier the diet will be to do and the better you will do at maintaining your weight :D

Good luck, you have a great bunch of people doing VLCD's that are all here to help you, dstract you through the hard times and share in you successes ;)
thanks x 1000

thanks so much ......will need all your help and advice inthe coming days and weeks .....and hope i can input as well xx:)
Hello and Welcome! :D
Great to have you on board, and wish you an easy start.. as easy as it can be! Have no doubt about it being worthwhile though! ((hugs))

You'll input alright! :) in inspiration at the losses you'll be posting! :D
Good luck and enjoy your journey! I have just hit 100 days today and never in a million years thought I would get this far!

Keep drinking the water, I know everyone says it but it is the key to this diet.

We are all here for you every step of the way.
Hiya Mustdoit
You'll be changing you name soon from MUSTDOIT to CANDOIT and you will.

Keep us posted hun.
well done flopster must be proud of yourself much did you loose in your 100days the bubbly water !!
Hi Susan

I wasn't 100% abstinent (I had a few nibbles and an odd meal along the way) but when I weighed myself first thing this morning I was 11st 11lbs which means I have lost 3st 4lbs. Having said that I tend to way anything up to 4lbs more in an evening at official WI which is a bit of a bummer.

Carolyne who is in my group has lost 4.5stone and she has been 100% abstinent.

Good luck, it is an amazing journey and even with "just" a 3 stone loss the difference in me is amazing - I have gone from a size 22/24 to a 14/16.
Dear Susan,
Good luck with LL. It`s absolutely brilliant. Here`s a few tips for getting the water down.
Don`t drink really cold water, it seems to go down slower.
Drink stilll and fizzy if you like both.
Try mixing fizzy and still water together, half and half, I quite like it.
When you are allowed flavours (if you feel you need them), just add a pinch as they are quite sweet.
Drink from 3/4 litre bottles, the half litre ones don`t last long!
NEVER go anywhere without your bottle (and check where the loos are!).
Mix and match your sachets and soups, there are some interesting combinations!
Keep focussed - it`s worth it.