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Tonight I'm having - how about you ?


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I'm having jacket potatoes. But I'm going to scoop out the filling, syn some bacon (I do green days) and fry some onion with the bacon, mix it with the potato and add a bit of cheese, then stuff it back in and add more cheese (HEX) to the top! Ooho actually, I might use my cheese triangles for the inside bit because you can have more of them than the low fat cheese! YES! That's what I'll do :)

Mrs V

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I'm going to try the syn free smash pasties (recipe on here) with loads of veg and gravy.


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I'm also having baked salmon, but I bake mine "bare" so you get a nice crispy top with a salad of lettuce, cucumber, grated carrot, grated cabbage, beetroot and anything else I can find in the fridge (we have been away for the weekend and need to shop!).

Mrs V

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fFulhamgirl31 said:
No seen that mrs v, sounds nice though I am going to try and find the recipe!
If you do a search you will find them, they are syn free on an Ee day, but you could adapt the recipe and make a baked bean and cheese filling etc on green if you liked.


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I did them with salmon (100g), tarragon, chives and sweetcorn as the filling a couple of weeks back with some instant mash to pad it out - they were GORGEOUS.

I haven't done the veggie version yet, but have had them with the mince filling, although I do add in veggies and some passatta as I found the filling a bit dry.

Here's my mince version - save you hunting around to find the recipe!

150g Extra Lean Steak Mince
2 Small Onions, finely chopped
½ a packet (125g) Instant Mash
2-3 tablespoons of passatta
Peas and finely chopped carrot

Grease a flat tray with Fry light and hand wipe across the complete surface.

Heat oven to around 180o

Place 150g of meat in a dry frying pan and cook out any remaining fat. Add one onion and chopped vegetables of your choice when browned add ½ tsp of Bovril, ½ a cup of water, a few splashes of Worcester sauce and the passatta, season with salt & pepper (if needed), reduce liquid then allow to cool (perhaps use some passatta too?)

Put instant mash to a bowl and add the other onion, mixed herbs and hot water and mix to a bread dough consistency.

Lay out a sheet of cling film, place ½ the mixture into it and cover over with a top layer of cling film. Using a rolling pin, roll out until about 6mm thick and cut to make two pieces to size of pasties.

Peel back the top layer of cling film and using the bottom layer of cling film lift and turn over placing the mix on to the cooking tray. Remove top layer of Clingfilm and you should have a layer of mix on the tray. Add a layer of cool meat and cover with other ½ of the mix, crimp edges and egg wash. Repeat with the remaining mix for the other pasty.

Cook for around 15 minutes until crisp and golden brown then serve with beans or a salad.

mrs big b

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Mmm then jackets sound nice might try that myself


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Hmmm not sure what Im having. Im going away friday so trying to use up what I have so I can do a big shop when I get back.

Might have bacon, pasta thing or maybe fish and veg??? Not sure yet!!



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I am going to have Mediterrean Veg, which is Courgettes, Onions, any colour peppers, i try to have a bit of red, yellow and green (greedy me), garlic, cherry tomatoes. a bit of frylite and pepper and then bake in an over, beautiful. my hubby used a tablespoon of olive oil yesterday at our bbq but 9 people had some. it was lush.

But back to today, i will be having a tuna steak with this.

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