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Tonights Dinner

Lady Mhoram

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What are you all having (or have you all had) for dinner tonight?

I am having laughing cow topped chicken wrapped in bacon with SW chips and roasted veg. It smells so nice, but it needs another 15 minutes *weep*
Yummy - chicken with cheese wrapped in bacon is one of my SW faves. We have had beef and BNS casserole with jackets. And very nice it was, too! xx


Strutting her stuff
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I'm planning on having a mixed mushroom risotto, baked in the oven so I don't have to stand over the pan. Actually just noticed the time so must head off and get it started!


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I'm having cod fillets with roasted veg and slimming world chips. It's nearly ready and smells lovely!


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I had a bowl of beans. I am feeling pretty knackered and stressed and still quite full from lunch so I had that and some roast beef monster munch oh the fantastic nutrition here.


Slow but sure....
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I am doing a green day today and I had a Jacket potato with a tin of Stagg vegetable chilli, with dried chilli flakes, red kidney beans and chopped tomatoe's added to it, lovely..... the chilli flakes gave it an extra kick....and a mullerlight yoghurt for pud...


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Im on original today and have had M&S Go Cook Asia 1,2,3,4 with chicken, stirfry veg, egg noodles and thai green curry sauce.

I synned the noodles and sauce and it only came to 12 - bargain!


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I decided on spag bol in the end with quorn for a green day might even have some cheese on top as haven't used HE today and will probably have a muller for pud. :D
I love the chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Nice with mozzarella stuffed into it.

Tonight I've had gammon and sw chips and green beans. Yummeeeeee
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well i cooked off some courgette, 2 red onions, red chilli tin o tomato and put in a chicken breast and chilli powder and a bit of tommy puree and had it with rice, got the left over for lunch tomorrow was yummy


Starting Again!
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My Mum finally started SW again today so she's started making tea for me again! :D We had chicken breast with garlic&herb philly, roast tatties, veg and gravy was delicious!

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