Tonights the Night!!!


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Well, it's finally here, I am meeting my CDC tonight at 6.45pm, and I can't wait. I am so excited about starting this diet and the start of the new me.

I don't have a clue how much I weigh, It's somewhere between 14 & 15 stone and I'd like to get to 10, 10 & half. I'm 5ft 6 so thats about right I think.

Off to tescos in a bit to get water for the salon and the car, just in case lol. I actually like the taste of tap water, it's really lovely and clear in my part of the world, so drinking water shouldn't be a problem, just don't want to get stuck without any.

Will start tomorrow morning, and the salon really busy next couple of days, so should be fine, no food there and woun't have time to think about it.

Hubby being really great, he's cooking all the kids dinners etc for the first wee while to let me get a good start.

Big test at the weekend, it's my daughters 10th birthday and she wants to go for a family meal with my mum and dad. It's ok, I'll make sure my 2 & 3 year old are looked after, feeding them etc, so it'll be fine, I hope lol.

Will add weight ticker etc tonight after my weigh in, wish me luck guys!!!!!
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Good Luck!!! Sounds like you're planning ahead - which i think is the key to succeeding!!


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Best of luck matey, you can do it! xx


Hello All
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good luck


Trying to stay healthy!
Good luck with your first weigh-in and starting CD!!

have a great first week!



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Good luck!

I started cd today, and so far so good!

Hope we all have success on our weight loss journeys this year! :D

Cat x


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brilliant, well done you sound very focused! don;t worry about what the scales say, think about your end goal and get it xx

cat-bee great news hun, keep it going xx


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Hi - Just wanted to say good luck. I started yesterday and so far its going great - just daren't stray too far from the loo with drinking all this water!


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Goodluck!!! you seem like your really going to give it all youve got!! keep us posted on your progress


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Good luck :) sounds like you have it all planned, the road to success me thinks :)


always lurkin around!
good luck u sound like u got it all sorted xx


Trying very hard!
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Good luck, you'll be fine! Keep us posted!:)


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Hope it's going well! xx


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how did the meeting go?!