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Toning, anyone?


Slim for Summer!
Hi lovies. Just wondering if any of you do any toning exercises? I know heavy exercise is detrimental on a diet like this, but I'm sure some light toning would be helpful.

Since I'm losing weight, I'm getting kind of flabby, & I know that when I reach my goal I will be "skinny-fat" & I'd like to be firmer & toned instead! :p

So guys, if you do them (or any other exercise for that matter), what do you do? :) x
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Hi Millux
I mainly walk - between 3 and 5 miles a day. Have joined a gym but being on holiday last week and being back on TS this week have not been for a couple of weeks so had not been long enough to see any results yet.
Bren xx
Loads. :)

I walk the dog most days - started just literally going round the block when I started the diet, now we average 2-3 miles each time.

I try to swim once a week for up to an hour, aim to do 40 lengths of our local pool (32 is 1/2 a mile) each session. Not happening every week at the moment though cos of time contraints. :(

I work out with a personal trainer for an hour a week, mostly strength & toning stuff but I also do boxing with him cos he's an ex semi-pro boxer! :eek: I was doing this before I started the diet and have continued it all the way through. Hoping to up to 2 sessions a week with him soon if finances allow.

I try to do mini-workouts at home 2-3 times a week, based on what I've done in the gym so mostly weights, squats, crunches etc. I've got a skipping rope and a hula hoop too.

Last month I started to cycle to work (2 miles each way) 2-3 days a week but that is a bit weather-permitting.

Last week I started a running schedule too, I run/walk for approx 10 minutes. 7 sets of jog 30 secs walk 1 min at a time, I do this twice a week. The friend who is mentoring me for running wants me to enter a 10k race next spring and thinks I should easily be able to do it, eeek! :eek:

I'm probably fitter a the moment than I've been for about 20 years, and hopefully it's only going to get better. :D
Cheers! :eek:

I have to stress that whilst I was on packs only I didn't push the exercise, I did start walking more but built it up gradually and my gym stuff, cos my trainer was aware of my diet, was carefully chosen to concentrate on strength and toning to help keep my muscle tone. I found the gym really hard going when I was first on the diet! I went swimming at the time too but just took it fairly easy (I often get overtaken by pensioners lol) and built that up too.

It's only now I am refeeding that I've got the exercise up to the level I outlined above, and the higher the calories go the more exercise I will be doing (hopefully).


Slim for Summer!
Thanks Yam, I will take it easy/slow at first, don't want to burn myself out, I guess. I feel weak on this diet at the best of times but I think I really need to get onto it before I get more flabby haha >: I just want to bump up my calories&protein a bit, maybe jump onto working solution for a while so I can shift some flab / gain some muscle to help everything along. Not sure how it would work but I'm going to keep going Total & see how it works with the exercise.. decisions!

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