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  1. PinksW

    PinksW Full Member

    I have at least 10 stone to lose. I know that there will be lots of spare skin around if I lose that much weight. Does anyone have any tips to tone things up in the early stages where going to the gym may not be an option?
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  3. ast

    ast Full Member

    Some stretches should help.
    I have also heard good things about bio oil.
    Others may be able to suggest more.
    Good luck with losing the 10 stone!
  4. PinksW

    PinksW Full Member

    Thank you! My sister has suggested toning tables...we shall see!

  5. TrishSomerset

    TrishSomerset Member

    I can recommend Curves ladies only gym....if u have one near you?

    30 minutes is all it takes 3-5 times a week....

    I also need to lose about 10 stone....started 14th January at Curves and have lost 27lbs so far...

    All ages, shapes and sizes....and lots of genuine support and encouragement.....oh and no sweaty men! :)
  6. PinksW

    PinksW Full Member

    I do have one close by, Trish.
    Is it just exercise they do there?
  7. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    No smoking and LOTS of water help the skin's elasticity. You should also try moisturising everyday.
  8. TrishSomerset

    TrishSomerset Member

    Hello Pinks

    I can only really comment on my local Curves here in Taunton as I think they differ a bit around the UK.

    Sharon is the Manageress of my Curves and she is also studying Nutrition at University. She runs regular 6 week classes for £29. During those 6 weeks she teaches about portion control i.e. a baked potato should be no bigger than your own fist.....a piece of chicken or steak should be around the size of your palm and about the thickness of a deck of cards......then you are taught 3 stages of the plan....the middle one is the one I am on now...and I can have 6-9 carbs, 2 proteins, 4 veg and 3 fruit, 2 dairy etc....u try to avoid fat and also drink plenty of water. This is a very simplified explanation...there are also lots of other hints and tips she gives.....

    After my 6 week challenge I had lost 14lbs I think (44 yr old memory!)...Sharon plonked 14lbs of lard in my arms...I think I burst out crying!:eek:

    Curves is so much more than a gym......For the first time in my life I really believe I can reach my goals....I can see me wanting to go to Curves for ever.....

    I really wish there was a Curves forum on this site....then all the other ladies who go to one could help me try and explain how great it is!

    Have a great day!

    Trish xx
  9. PinksW

    PinksW Full Member

    Thanks for that info, Trish.
    I'm starting CD tomorrow, so food is not an option at present. However, I am really interested in the exercise side of things, so will pop in and see them
  10. PinksW

    PinksW Full Member

    Haven't smoked for over a year (one of the reasons for weight gain) and I am the queen of moisturisers...ask my bank manager! I'm sure the water will keep me plumped up. I'm a bit worried about getting wrinkles now...I've always been told how fab my skin is and how young I look...but of course, there are no wrinkles in I lose the weight I will just have to buy even more expensive moisturiser! (just kidding)
    Here's to wrinkle free weight loss
  11. TrishSomerset

    TrishSomerset Member

    Good luck Pinks....I'm just off to Curves now.....My sister is joining today and her friend Heather is too....Both joining because of how well I am doing....Curves is the best discovery I have made in years sad does that sound:p
  12. ast

    ast Full Member

    I know people who have lost a lot of weight and they tend to look younger when they get slimmer!
    But that is no reason not to pamper your self with expensive things!
  13. Wenjay

    Wenjay Member

    I haven't got anything to add! I have around 11 stone to lose so I'm interested in the same things regarding skin etc....Would just like to say good luck !!!!
  14. TrishSomerset

    TrishSomerset Member

    Good luck to you too Wenjay....We're in a similar boat....Hugs! xx
  15. Wenjay

    Wenjay Member

    Thanks Trish,

    I used to use the skin issue as one of my reasons not to diet :) Now I see it was just an excuse and I want to be healthy
  16. Bendy

    Bendy Member

    I used to do weights before loosing the weight, and I did bulk up, but I never really felt the benefit being covered in all that flab! Cardio is definietly the way to go during the weightloss period.

    The best thing about loosing the weight is that you can see the result literally straight away. My arms look twice as big after a good work and it's a real inspiration to keep it up.

  17. shifali

    shifali New Member

    Pink, you no need to go to gym just do exercise at home.Toning the stomach muscles is best achieved using common, basic exercises, such as crunches, sit ups and side bends.These are the simple and best exercises for toning up the body.
  18. michelle234

    michelle234 Member

    Pilates, yoga and weights/muscle resistance exercises. You can do all of these in your own home. It's also important not to lose weight too fast and just increase your exercise as you go. I hope that helps!
  19. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    Hi all,

    Just to say, i have the same concerns as the OP but i am definitely going to look into Curves gym as it sounds like a friendly place, and it will no doubt speed up my weight loss.

    Good luck to you all!!
  20. starryeyes

    starryeyes Member

    I'm worried about the loose skin too, I've just started the local gym and hope it might help. I have to say body moisturisers confuse me anyone know of a good one for stretch marks? Good luck to you though pinks.
    Last edited: 28 May 2008
  21. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    Apparently Bio Oil and Palmers Cocoa butter is great for stretch mark. Vitamin E as well as it is for skin renewal and repair :)

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