Too cold for salad....

Mrs Roch

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I'm on AAM as from tonight and wondered if anyone has any inventive ideas on what to do with the ingredients we're allowed to have.

Last time I was on CD it was during the summer so I just munched on the salad bits with a bit of red cabbage but I really would like to have something hot.

I love all the veg and other green bits like curly kale and spinach but rather than just having them plain on a plate "with no gravy :( :( " does anyone do anything that makes them tasty....

I'm going shopping during my lunchtime to pick up some bits so if anyone has any ideas they really would be much appreciated...

Thanks in advance. :)
Not sure

Not entirely sure .. how about paprika?
That goes with nearly everything and I'm sure you're allowed it!
You could always add some finely chopped veg in your CD soup maybe?

I'll have to have a little think! :)