Too many calories to lose weight?!

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  1. gillzz

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    I'm a bit confused since coming on here. I always thought that i was doing well to lose 1-2 lb in weight a week. I have been eating 1650 cals a day and walking 30 mins a day (I know that I need to exercise more) I have 7 stone to lose so I thought i needed to pace myself but so many people here are claiming to lose 3 lb a week. I'm not saying they are wrong, I know it's me. The only thing is every time i cut my calories under 1500 I am obsessed with food, even dream about it. I know this sounds really pathetic. Then i end up bingeing.
    People here just seem to lose the weight so fast, it would be amazing if I could half the time it would take to reach my goal.
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    Your start weight would highly effect the amount of calories you would need to take in to achieve weight loss. You should (if you have not already) work out your BMR for starters. The following link is to the site i use for this.
    BMR Calculator
    Once you have this figure use Harris Benedict Equation to work out your daily calorie needs, then subtract 500 kcal per day for 1lb loss per week or 1000 kcal per day for 2lb loss per week.
    1-2lb per week is a healty and maintanable loss and you already seem to be achieving this. Its important to remember that not everyone is the same (metabloic rates and such) so everyone will loose at different rates.
    Normally i loose 1-2lb per week myself :)

    Keep up the good work and im sure you will get to your goal
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    Hi Gillzz,

    I just wanted to echo what Laura Jayne said! I tend to average a loss of 1 - 2lbs a week and I feel it is a steady and maintainable loss.
    A steady loss is great :D

    Good luck with it all!

  5. hannata

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    steady and slow is a lot more managable in the long run and tends to stay off!! I used to be that fluke loser... (lost 11lbs one week) but it never never stays off.

    I want to be a steady loser.. 1,2 maybe even 3 will do me rightly!! You can lose weight without exercise.. there's nothing "wrong" with not exercising a lot persay, but i find it good for occupying ones mind when it turns to food :p (and of course all that fitness malarky lol)

    Starving yourself for huge numbers is just not worth it because I like you would daydream of food 24/7 xx
  6. jenesabby

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    Feeding Your Body "Naturally" Is The Key To Losing Weight And Permanently Keeping It Off! There is a reason that the fad diets and crash diets don't work. It's just not practical to restrict certain types of foods from your body for extended periods of time. Nor is it realistic to severely restrict your calories. This can actually be harmful when it comes to losing weight not to mention that it's unhealthy. You should be trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Losing weight in a healthy way is the best way to ensure that the weight you lose stays off for good. After all, what good is it to lose a bunch of weight just to see it come back when you get off the diet, stop taking the pills, or stop starving yourself?
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    i was the same as u. thought about food all the time. but now i eat before i get hungry, people say only when u get hungry but this is when i end up bingin. i have 6 small meals a day, well 3 meals 3 snacks. one of these has to be a mini choc bar otherwise i wouldnt stick to it. and if i get the i want food now, i know i have my choc bar.

    at one time i would of never stuck to 1.
  8. WelshCake

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    Think of it this way losing 1-2lbs a week (say 1.5 average) is close to 6 stone lost in a year, you would be very close to target then, nothing wrong with slow and steady especially if its working for you
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