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Too many POINTS?

Hi all. Hope everyone is enjoying the bank hol!

I joined WW yesterday and worked out my points allowance to be 26. My leader told me to get up to the 26 as close as I could which I thought 'fine' at the time and trotted off home. However, I found it very hard to use all these points up yesterday. I was eating the filling foods at each meal so wasn't even hungry but felt I had to force myself to eat up to the points limit (I managed to get to 23 in the end). I know it sounds silly but my whole problem before was I was eating when I wasn't hungry and want to try to lose this habit but forcing myself to use up the points is completely going against this.

I'm not really sure what to do - do I carry on eating to try to get to 26 or do I just eat when I feel hungry? :confused: Any advice would be much appreciated :)
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Eat higher pointed food......like if your using skimmed milk, go for semi instead or if your on semi try full fat milk.

if your using ww bread, change to "normal bread"

instead of ww yoghurt's have something like the muller lights at 1.5pts

wish i had a problem using up my points lol.....enjoy them while you have them as the soon start going down. x
I agree totally with Kirsty, great post :)

Rather than eating more, just eat differently. I think its important NOT to eat extra just to use up the points, as you say eating too much got us here! Once you settle into the plan, you will start finding the points easier to use up.


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great advice, I had the same problem in the start and ended up eating rubbish to use up the points which meant I wasn't learning to change my eating habbits, just changing what you eat to get up to your points should help!

good luck! :)
Thanks everyone. Going to switch milk and bread and see how it goes. Like Kirsty says, in a while I will be wishing I had 26 points again! :)


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In a few lbs I'll be on 17 points- Take advantage of them while you can!
I started on 24 points 1st march now Im nearing 21 points and you do get used to what you can have. Maybe go for bigger portions like a bigger bowl of ceral or 2 rounds of sandwhiches,I had a problem many times mentally using my points as it felt like it was too hard to use them then some weeks I mentally want more,comfort emotional eating.
Well done on starting good luck :) xx


Right to the 'point'
Also you can save points daily, handy for if you fancy a cheeky drink come the weekend :)
Thanks for all the great advice guys :) will save some for the weekend!

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