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too many syns at once,have i spoilt it????


going to do it!!!!
im on the second week of sw and followed ee last week and lost 2.5lb which i was well pleased with as i didnt feel like i was following a diet at all!! each day ive been having between 10/15 syns and was fine with this until about an hour ago!!! ive just had;
2 alpen light bars, 6 syns
a hi fi bar,6 syns
a kellogs raisin bake bar 8.5 syns

Gutted cant believe ive had them like this, i know totm is due and a always crave sweet things but had all this on top of a lovely healthy red dinner followed by fresh pineapple:cry::cry::cry:

i worried now that ive blown it! does it matter if you have this many syns at once??

i feel awful as well didnt even have any enjoyment from it!!

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You are allowed 10-15 syns a day, so just have fewer tomorrow or throughout the week to make up for it. You are doing fine, so don't worry :)


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Stop worrying about it. You've only have 5 syns more so you're only talking about 100 calories. Just count your syns over the week and you'll be fine.
I'd say try and learn from it and start with a clean slate tomorrow. I've had a few hiccups and like you not enjoyed them either. I'm probably boring everyone by saying it but I still haven't found anything that REALLY satisfys my choccy cravings :confused: although the coco pops bar came close tonight but then I wanted another one...........


going to do it!!!!
thanks guys, circes i never thought of it as only being 5 more than normal must be cos i ate it all without thinking and it felt like loads more!! i will stop worrying lol!!


Is so doing it this time
Hi Jo I don't think it matters because they do flexible syns where you can save them up over a few days and then use them for a meal out or whatever you want. Handy if you have a party coming up or if food accidentally falls into your mouth! Don't worry just have less syns tomorrow or spread the damage over a few days before your next weigh in. Remember whats done is done you cant change it. Try to look forward not back, that's the past, the future is not yet written you can decide what happens next. Don't beat yourself up, I did for years, all the time and now I realise all I was doing was jeopardising my chances of success. So what, you ate something extra.... or lots extra..... just wipe the slate clean and start a fresh. I would comfort eat because I ate something bad which made the whole thing worse! You need to allow yourself to have what it is you fancy otherwise you eat everything else but that thing and then end up eating that thing as well!!! Don't get me wrong I'm not saying its ok to do it all the time..... but occasionally I think we should allow ourselves a break and a well done for how far we've come whether its 2lb or 200lb



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Well said Piglet.

JosieJo1968, I did the same as you, only difference was mine was alcohol, lol.

I only drink Martini or Vodka and not allowed diet drinks as a mixer as not allowed Aspartame which is in them. So when I have a drink its high in sins..:cry:


Is so doing it this time
DoubleT..... just for the record I have had 2 of my boys left over chicken selects from mcd's, 2 hot buttered potato farls, a mega bad creamy yogurt and and and a cadburys timeout bar....... OMG it just kind a snow balled...... but I have to tell myself tomorrow is a new day and I can start again or the accidently falling into my mouth thing will continue!!

I must say I do feel slightly better having shared that with you xx
josie jo - not sure if it will help you, but when i have a choccie craving, i have a sula sugar free toffee - they are 1 syn each and last a minute or 2 cause of the toffee. Even if you ate the whole bag i think it comes to 8 syns! Either that or mikados, alot of biccies for your syns. The sula toffees come in choc mint and choc coated toffee, think there are other flavours too...
Oh and if only choccie will do, cadburys 99 flake bars are all choc for 2.5 syns :)


Is so doing it this time
can i share this too please...... I have just eaten.....sorry I mean stuffed 3.... thats THREE in case you didnt get it the first time packets of wotsits...... oh why why why did i do it..... :cry::cry::cry:


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I wouldn't worry about it too much hun, it's not exactly like you were eating 'bad' food either.

Not like me, who had about 500 syns last night/today. Drinking + Resulting Hangover = Death of Diet.
Not to worry Piglet, tomorrow or should I say today is a new day and you can share what ever you like with me....but not the wotsits, ha, ha :). sorry xx

Those 3 bags of wotsits were yesterday and forgotten. x


Is so doing it this time
Thanks guys I don't know whats wrong with me tonight...... a mini baby bel just popped into my mouth as well..... at least it was the low fat one thats something I suppose! Your right I need to take my own advice.... start a fresh tomorrow.... and if I go to bed now then I cant eat anything else :wave_cry:
Good idea, Piglet. Might have to go to bed too now as a chocolate bar has just started talking to me from the fridge...eat me, eat me...and I am not watching Alice in Wonderland either, ha ha.:wave_cry:
Just for clarity,

Flexisyns are NOT saved up syns over several days. Flexisynning is for special occasions, where you choose for one day a set number of syns that you will use, and you stick to that higher level, and once you hit it, you switch to free/superfree only. It could be 50 or 75 or 100, but you stick to it. It doesnt guarantee a loss, but it does keep you in control of what you are eating.

Lots of people do however use saved syns for a once a week blow out, wine on a weekend, etc, and have 5 per day only, and "bank" the rest for the higher consumption night. Other people choose to give themselves a 105/70 syn allocation for the week and then use them till they run out.

Choose whichever method seems to suit you best, but remember that "Flexisynning" should only be used for special occasions, and not used as a regular excuse to empty the fridge via your stomach. :D


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thanks guys, circes i never thought of it as only being 5 more than normal must be cos i ate it all without thinking and it felt like loads more!! i will stop worrying lol!!

Just think of it this way. If you drop 1 syn from the next 5 days, so having 14 instead of 15. You'll have made up for it, it's not a problem and don't beat yourself up about it - as long as you can get back on plan as soon as possible - the next meal, or the next day.

Never let a bad day turn into a bad week! You can still save it yet! :)

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