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Too many??


Strutting her stuff
I'm going to disagree a bit here. Even free foods have the capacity to affect your losses if they are eaten to excess. A mullerlight is 100 calories (and i know we don't count calories but bear with me) and we have heard of people having up to 10 a day. That would be 1000 calories a day on snacks alone before you even add in free foods, superfree foods, HEs and syns. Would it be any wonder if that person didn't lose weight.

That said I don't think 2 a day is eating them to excess. Personally I wouldn't have any more than that and would try to find other snacks - for the sake of variety if nothing else. :)
Yeah that's how I see them as, a treat! It's sweet enough to stop me wanting choc after my meals!! I might try just having extra fruit after dinner instead of a yog n see how I go!


Always comes back to MMs!
I ate two or three a day when i started the plan and now im bored of them... looking for a free alternative!!!
I was the same, I've swapped to the Activia Fat Free ones now for a change, be careful though not all flavs are free, the peach are half a syn xxxxx
The only other thing is that the sweetners in them might irritate your stomach after a while if you consume too many of them!

Could you not replace one of them with maybe some fat free natural yoghurt instead? I have that for breakfast with some canderel sprinkled on top and some superfree fruit in, lovely and sweet and no so many calories.

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