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Too much reputation!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Last night there were so many inspiring comments on the board, I gave out the rep comments, (as you do!) and THEN! I got a pop up telling me I had given out too much reputation in the last 24 hrs! So there are posts I want to rep, but sorry guys I will have to catch up with you later :(
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Bring it on!
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Judi i had the same problem at the weekend. was very frustrating as there were some really excellent posts i wanted to give rep for. i resorted to pm's for then and i've added some more rep now!


I have my mojo
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I too have had the same problem before. It is frustrating but I try and remember what posts and go back 24 hours late, although then there are so many others I see that I can't give too!! lol

K xx

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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I keep choosing the same people to give rep to, because I read different threads and they are always there giving great advice. Heh.

The Rep Thingy keeps telling me to spread some more reps around, before choosing one of my "regular" heroes. I'm like,

"Mind your own business Rep Thingy! Don't judge me, you don't know me! You can't tell me who to like! You're not my REAL dad!" etc.
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LOL! :giggle:

Me too...I love giving out rep but also use it up quickly. And I too find that I rep the same people, but that's cos they give fab advice and support over and over again!

It's fair that we can't overload one person with rep I suppose, but sometimes tis frustrating! lol!

Everyone deserves a bit of Minimins lurve :D


Gold Member
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i'm still unsure as to how it works :hmm: i know that i can rep people when they do a post i like...

but how do i get 'rep power'? and i keep seeing people say "i want to rep you but i need to spread it about a bit first". what does that mean? lol.. does it mean that you have to post more before you can rep people?

agghrrr.. head hurts! LOL


Gold Member
Rep is great!! I often get told to spread it about a bit (ooh err mrs) but the same peeps give good advice! I lurve you guys!!!

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
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"i want to rep you but i need to spread it about a bit first". what does that mean?
It means you need to rep different people, not the same ones. I like the idea of rep but sometimes people just don't bother. I don't think they even know it is there or how to use it :confused:
G: 10st10lb
Me too, keep getting told to spread it around more, but there is some fantastic advice being given by the same people and I wanna give give give. Never mind, I'm sure those people know who they are and I'm sending loads of cyber reps and luv to those keeping us on the straight and narrow. xxx
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I don't understand how to give reputation or what benefit it brings?!


Gold Member
You rep people by clicking on the little scales icon (the middle on at the bottom of peoples details). It's used as a thankyou really for a post you think is inspirational or helpful or supportive.
It's a lovely thing really and I for one really appreciate it when I am repped and enjoy repping others.

Spread the Rep!!
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I don't understand how to give reputation or what benefit it brings?!
You give reputation to any post or thread that you feel is useful, informative, supportive, helpful, inspirational, motivational...etc. It's not compulsory by any means, but it's a way of showing appreciation for what you think is a good thread or question, or recipe etc., and good answers or comments.

With regards to the benefits it brings, well personally I feel it's nice to reward people for saying good things. :)
It's also lovely getting rep for something you've said and I am always really touched when someone makes the effort to rep something I have posted.

And for newbies, I suppose it's a good way of seeing who the regular/frequent posters are, and that other forum members feel they are valuable contributors. That's not to say that new people or infrequent posters don't have helpful and fab stuff to say...but it's just a guide.

You do it by clicking on the little grey 'scales' icon at the bottom of our little profile but alongside the thread.

Hope that helps?
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Thank you Hellie. I found the scales! (and tried it out to give you some for the helpful answer, lol!)

I wasn't sure if reaching a certain reputation level unlocked more features or gave you a higher access level. It's good to know how to use it and I'll make sure I give it out to the nice people on this site from now on :)
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Rep rep repping.... I feel a song coming on! Sung to the tune of Roland Rat's 'Rat Rapping'....


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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You have to rep 10 different people before you can rep someone again. There are changes afoot though which will stop that being a problem ;)

Its a shame not enough people rep IMO :)
Now you've got me curious? What changes?


Why Be Normal?
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Hi -- I have had a few people say that they tried to rep me and they were not able to do so. Is this because they need to have repped other people or is me? I know that I should leave more "rep", but I only recently learned how to do this -- and need to remember that the feature exists.



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