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Too Much Sugar and Diabetes


I didn't really know where to put this, but I figured this would be a kinda central forum to ask.

What happens if you're diabetic and you eat too much sugar? I've heard of diabetic comas, but I am presuming that would be after an extreme over-indulgence.

The reason I ask, is that my mum was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago. She takes some tablets each day, and is meant to watch her sugar intake. For the first few years, she was really good, really disciplined, and lost a stone or so which made her happier and healthier. Recently though, she says she is having too many "treats", too many biscuits at work, too many puddings... She's sleeping loads, like she'll be in from work at 7, eat dinner, go out with the dogs for a bit and then by 9, 9:30 she's snoozing on the sofa. And you wake her up, and she's snoozing again within minutes.

I've been trying to introduce general healthier eating at home, for everyone, and its not working with my mum.

I got a bit worried when, this morning, she was looking a bit worse for wear, and I said was she ok, and she said that she ate too much chocolate yesterday [a whole easter egg, two creme egg sized chocolate eggs, and a box of 4 lindor truffles] She said she had a sugar hangover...

I know it's a longterm thing that you have to address, the sugar consumption, and I know that as a family we have a history of too many cakes, biscuits, etc etc. We dont have things like that in the house anymore, in general.

I don't really know where I am going with this. If anyone can offer any advice, or stories of similar situations... I would be greatful. We did Slimming World together a while back and she lost 2 stone but now she has no motivation to follow a "plan"... I don't know what to do!
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Hi Jen

Hope your mum is ok. Tiredness can be caused by too much sugar in the blood. Does your mum test her sugar levels regularly? Although the meds she is taking will reduce the sugar levels if she is consistently eating too much her meds may need to be adjusted. Am assuming GP is checking on her.

I dont want to worry you but the possible long term implication of continuing to eat like this especially when a diabetic are not very nice. Risk of stroke, heart disease, blindness, circulation problems resulting in amputation all increase. Please get your mum to check her levels regularly and maybe revisit the GP or diabetic nurse to get her bloods checked.

Hope everthing picks up.


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It really is very serious. My dad has neuropathy in his feet as a result of his diabetes and is in constant excruciating pain (on morphine) and has just started to use a wheelchair. As Vanda says, there are huge long term consequences.

Quite honestly, what has happened to my dad has scared me onto the straight and narrow and I'm doing everything I can to reduce my diabetes risk. I hope you and your mum are able to find some positive motivation, but if not, a bit of stick as well as carrot might do the trick.:(
Thank you both :)

She does go to the nurse for blood tests when they call her, I think it's maybe every 3 months or so, and they have upped her medication I think, 6 months ago? Roughly.

It does sound pretty scary. I'm going to do some research and see what I can do to sort it out. Thank you guys x


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If I were you I would check out the Diabetes UK website and educate yourself about the condition and its management. They have a helpline for any specific information that is not on their website.


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when she goes for blood tests they can do a test called HBA1c, which will let the nurses/docs know if she is sticking to her diabetic diet over a longer period of time (the past 12 weeks). We let patients know this is a test we can do, to let them know we can check how their blood sugar has been not just in the few entries in thier BM diaries when they come to the surgery.

If she fails to control her blood sugar they will put her on injectable insulin, which you cant come off of. Tablets (Glucophage, Metformin) are much easier to fit in and take than needles and insulin dosing.

Is it possible she's "treating" herself because she is feeling so tried? I know its a self defeating circle with the tiredness, diabetes and sugar, but have you asked her why she's not eating the way she should be? Maybe its just an Easter thing? too much temptation?
I think it really got out of hand at Christmas, where it was a temptation thing. She said that there was loads of cakes and chocolate and stuff like that at work, and it was difficult to say no.

She takes metformin now. I didn't realise that it could progress to needing injections, that's useful to know, thank you.

I think my nagging has paid off - She has made a new appointment for tomorrow afternoon, so I hope this will be the start of back-on-the-straight-and-narrow!

By the way, I know I'm coming across as controlling and potentially mean! I'm not trying to, I just care, I don't like seeing my mum all tired and poorly all the time :)

Thank you all for your words, much appreciated x

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