Toobs Day Tub Thumper !

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by howdy-doody, 12 August 2008.

  1. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

  2. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Well-Known Member

    Quality!! Love the 70's bass!

    If you're ever in Manchester you should try 'Brutus Golds Love Train' - an AMAZING night!! Although I recommend a couple of drinks before you get there - beer goggles are a must!!
  3. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    Today i am mostly singing Sheila Sheila Take a bow ! which is annoying my colleague called Sheila a lot .. but it was the last song on my MP3 player before i got to work this morning
  4. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    hahahaha :D you cannot mess with the Smiths :D
  5. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    Nice one :D I shall deffo check oooot - I'm up in Manc quite often :)
  6. trixiefoofoo

    trixiefoofoo Well-Known Member

    Very cheesy, stupidly cheap drinks [like £1 bottle] and then at midnight, Brutus and his gang hit the stage, in full-on flares and the whole dancefloor has a 70's routine going!!
    One of the funniest nights I've ever had...if you can cope with the scallys! x

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