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does anyone know if you can you use any toothpaste you want on this diet? i always thought you could so never questioned it befor, never been told by the chemist to use a certain type anyway, but i came across an old thread today (all the way back from 2008 lol) that said something about how aquafresh could knock you out of ketosis because it contains glycerin .... i was like noooway surely the pharmacist would of mentioned something like this to me, does this have some truth to it? or am i right in thinking you can use ANY? xx
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My pharmacist never mentioned it, but my colleague from work's pharmacist said she could only use Euthyml.
All the other toothpastes contain added ingredients that can kick you out of ketosis.
I thought it was ridiculous 'cause you don't really swallow it.
But it's not the first time I heard it
It tastes really strong!
You know when you go to the dentist for a cleaning, and they use that bright pink stuff?
That's the one! Though because it's very strong, it does take care of the bad breath very well.
I take it to work to brush now and then
Hi guys,
My pharmacist assured me that any toothpaste will do so dont worry about what one you use. However, there is only a certain mouthwash that you can use, it has to be mint flavoured.
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Sorry to hijack this slightly but my question is along the same lines! I was also wondering if breath sprays are OK? You know the ones you just squirt in your mouth? I work in a shopping centre and don't have staff toilets so feel a bit awkward using mouthwash in the public loos!
I was told not to use the mint mouthwash too.
you would wonder sometimes whats true and whats not.

so many of us get the info from the "professionals" lol
Hi All,

Am new to the site and just been reading about mouthwash & toothpaste (omg you forget its not just food!) I am suffering from some bad mouth ulcers after having a tooth removed so have been using Anbesol gel for "some" slight relief, now am worried this may knock me out of ketosis as I have been feeling weak and nearly ate some chicken last night after being 100% TFR for 2 weeks!

Does anyone have any advice on Anbesol and other medicines??

I asked the pharmacist this very question I was with her today, she said that any toothpaste is fine, it's the mouthwash we have to be careful... plain Oraldene or plain Listerine are fine anything else is a big no no!

Im happy with the "you can use any toothpaste" because I like to use Euthmyol as I feel it "cleans" the bad bacteria away :D

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