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tops of my arms - otherwise known as bingo wings

I wonder if other people have this.....
Before i came on lipotrim i lost about 10lb, have since lost another 20lb in the last 4 weeks (i was originally 16st 10 ish and now 14st 7). I used to do EA Active on the wii everyday but haven't done it since lipotrim as it burns a shed load of calories. Today i noticed the tops of my arms are saggy. My arms have always been quite muscly... I was devastated today (in a wierd way cos it means i'm losing weight). I'm worried about my skin sagging. Has anyone else noticed this and how can i get rid of it? In the last week I've gone back to squash, played twice in a week, been swimming once and been on treadmill about twice. Maybe i should re-start ea active as that can involve a lot of work with your arms with a resistance band...
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You can do resistance exercises but only light ones as they do burn a hell of a lot of calories. Try pressups etc toning work is no problem on this diet alot of people do it including me! I tink toning is important as you lose weight as getting rid of excess skin is a nightmare after losin everything. I have to be honest never tried the ea active so dont know how intensive it is but dont think its a great idea doin squash, swimming and the threadmill + ea active as they all burn calories. I suppose if you take them all pretty easy they cant hurt much but god bless you for finding the energy to do them all! ask your pharmacist's advice im sure she will say dont do as many cardiovacular exercises but you never know!

I plan on asking my pharmacist on wed as they gym i want to join wont let me unless i have a letter stating exactly wat im allowed to do!
My arms are GROSS! My new work uniform has short sleeves & I am genuinely distressed for everyone I have to serve because they'd put me off my food (my Mum says that it's just because I have a real thing about them & no one else will even notice, pfft). My arms got mega fat though, I don't know why - I just seem to store a lot of fat there, but I reckon there are inches of skin there that shouldn't be!

Hehe, that wasn't actually helpful at all, but...I've really not done much exercise though, so I'm not entirely surprised, can you do some light weights or something? Ultimately though you can't get rid of skin, you can only fill it up with muscle to lessen the impact & hope that it springs back (it takes at least a year for your skin to recover from a big weight loss)!

Thnks guys, think i'll do some sort of weight thing and maybe just the arm exercises on ea active. It is really wierd though because I've never ever had fat arms, i carry all my weight on my belly, which is getting smaller but still huge!!! I've walked around today with a tin of beans in each hand doing arm exercises. I'm so worried about the saggy thing!! My sister had a gastric band 2 years ago and has lost 7 stone, her skin is really really bad (she did weigh considerably more than me though), she's having it all cut off, i don't want to be like that!!!!!!
I really do appreciate your comments, its so nice to have support, thanks both
I am a little confused
are you not supposed to exercise while doing the lipotrim?
Why are you afraid to burn calories?

its because your having so few calories on lipotrim that if you exercise and burn more calories then your body might well go into starvation mode and then you won't lose weight as your body will keep hold of what it can. x

welshie,i have same problem with the arms and the worst bit for me is the saggy bottom belly(urgh)and the little wobble of skin on the inside of the top of my leg(gross).
just do the toning stuff as said before hun x
hun id buy some small weights and just do arm curls and bench press but without the bench,lol. u can lay on the floor aline the weight with ur chest and push up, dont lock ur elbows, do it in a slow controlled motion, about 20 at a time. this should help tone up the tops of ur arms therefore improving any sagging.
hope this helps

x x

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