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Tortoise losers CAN win the race !


Trying - very!
I don't know that I'm inspirational YET, but I'm finally getting to like the way I now look.

I met a chap yesterday whom I haven't seen since before Christmas, and he just came straight out with "My god, you've lost weight, you look fantastic".

Well - big grin from ear to ear and I managed to say Thank You without garbling on that I'd still got some more to lose.

I would like to lose some more but not sure that my "older" skin will take it. It's less elastic than it used to be and I'm starting to get some saggy skin on the arms and at 56 I don't want to look too scrawny! So I'll stop in 6.5 lbs (when my BMI is 26) and have a pause and see if some special, targetted exercise with help tone up the still flabby bits.

All these piccies are in My Photo Diary but here is my before and current pics.

The first is the FAT ME - that my lovely hubby took when I wasn't concentrating (used to avoid cameras like the plague) - that made me start SW.

The second was taken just two weeks ago when I achieved my 4 st shiney.
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Gosh, Pommette, what a difference - looking fabulous!!!
You look fab, such a difference! :)


Trying - very!
Well done Pomster - bet you're glad he took that shot of you after all:)
I can't decide whether to click "like" or not on this one Steve!
You're right though about being glad he took the shot, as without it I would still be bumbling along and probably weigh a lot more than the 16.5 st I was then!

So I will go and click "like".


Trying - very!
Wow - thank you everyone.
It is so nice to get such lovely comments from you all.

Me an inspiration? Woo - steady on there. I'll try to live it to it and get rid of the last pesky 6.5 lbs.

Thank you all once again.
Wow pommette you look fantastic well done you! X
you look great, well done!!!!!!


Trying - very!
Thanks for popping by katty, shenzi and flissglitz and for your lovely comments.
you are looking fab wd on the loss hun :) xx
Thanks spuggle & hellscat for your kind words.

I'm well and truly stuck though at the moment. I've lost a 3 more pounds but the last 3½ lbs do NOT want to go away.

Having friends stay for the last 2 weeks has not helped - and we now also have visitors for the next 6 weeks. And I would dearly love to get to target by 10th October. That will be almost 5 years to the day when I first got on the scales weighting 16½ stone after we'd arrived in Spain.

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