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Total Beginner - starting tomorrow

I've been and seen the pharmacist.

I have bought chicken and vanilla (2 chicken : 1 vanilla).

I'm sat here reading all of your posts to get myself ready for what is to come!

I'm a little bit scared of the speed of loss I can expect, that first 5lbs took me a whole month!

But I will get there, won't I?

So far I have figured out:
  • That I should not do any exercise in week 1.
  • That I should make sure to have lots of drinks, red tea and water for me!
  • That it is possible to play with the thickness of the shakes, not sure how but I'll keep on reading.
  • If I want the chicken hot I should shake it first then heat it!
  • I'm guessing the shakes taste less than gourmet!
And I hope I get this nailed. I can and I will succeed.

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Good luck, You did exactly the same as me, I read everything I could and though I had the right idea of everything.
To be honest though, I went into this diet expecting to struggle like crazy, but so far (week 5) I have had no urge to cheat or even to eat anything.
I guess what I am trying to say is, Don't try and live others expirence, it is different for everyone.

Another thing, Chocolate shakes with Coffee! It is the only thing I have had the entire time. Consider that as an option :)

I really hope you have a great success, and Good luck!
Thanks Kathryn, that makes me feel better.

I have no idea why I didn't think of chocolate shakes with coffee! Chocamocha is my winter warmer drink!

I was planning to add coffee to the vanilla if necessary.

tbh it is the chicken that is worrying me! Still I will only have to hold my nose for a a week :D
You are welcome :)

Seriously, tasty stuff! I would be happy to drink it even if I wasn't on Lipotrim (Granted, given the option it wouldnt be all I got to have a day!)

Someone also said once that with the vanilla.. add a little bit into your tea/coffee instead of milk, but I am not sure if that is strictly allowed.

I had a whiff of the soup once, seriously awful stuff! :p
It is different for everyone though, I wonder how your pharmasist would take it if you took them back, if they were as bad as I remember them? I am too much of a big baby to try anything else, Plus the way I look at it, I will never, ever fancy chocolate again after this long on just the shakes! lol
yes i took back the vanilla ones as couldnt handle them. and im not game enough to try the chicken because i just kee thinking what if i dont like it then have nothing til the next shake.
but on a positive note good luck on your journey you have made the first step x x x


Never give up
Best of luck Ican! I started today so I'll always be a day ahead of you...:p

I love the soup, although I did the first couple of weeks on the shakes only, so maybe was desperate for anything that resembled food by then. Just don't expect haute cuisine. ;)
Well the vanilla went down OK! It isn't foul!

I'm sort of looking forward to the chicken!

Waterworks, as we are so close in starting date and weight, I'll [STRIKE]race [/STRIKE] buddy you if you want :D

i'm glad to her that you are doing ok.

I'm on day 3 now. The chicken was awful on the first night. I actually gagged after every mouthful took nearly an hour to have it, but last night the chicken wasnt as bad. I guess I was more used to it or at least more wiling to get over it. haha

I'm so jealous of women being able to have 3 shakes. Us fellas only get 2. It's so hard having about 12 hours between meals. :(
i think i would prefere 2 shakes a day as i find it hard to get the 3 shakes in to me.
i think that as it goes on you may get to like the chicken as its some what closer to food lol.
how are you feeling today decky x x x
Oh Lor!

The chicken is a bit odd isn't it?

Cheap chinese, weird cup-o-soup no croutons, odd!

Second mouthful was much the same.

It'll have to cool a little before I drink the rest!

But I don't think it will be too bad. Maybe some leaf spices to jazz it up a little!
Does this work cos you feel all virtuous when you finally manage to down the last mouthful??

3 sips in and I feel vaguely saintly!

And now it is all gone! With another for later. Yummy! I'll have to have a think about re-flavouring it a little!

Next week I'll swap some for chocolate!!
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Last time round I loved the soup to start with, then suddenly went off it and couldn't stomach it at ALL! This time I've just got chocolate and vanilla to start with, and I ADORE the vanilla. I could cheerfully live on them (lucky, really.... ;) ) and the chocolate cold is pretty yummy, but I'm not loving them hot (whereas last time I only really liked them hot).
i think its just best to knock back the soup. im looking forward to mine in about an hour.............im so hungry :(

im planning on knocking it back and maybe I can almost feel full with food like substance inside me. haha


Never give up
Happy to buddy you Ican. Just as long as you can stick me crying like a baby when you whup my ass. (Are you allowed to say ass on minimins?) :p Ooh, and your description of the soup is spot on - knew it reminded me of something...

Decky, some of the lads here seem to split their shakes into four little ones - not sure if that magically knocks you out of ketosis or anything (a lot of 'snake oil' talk in this diet I find), but it might be good, even for the first few days until you totally forget about food?

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