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Total Melt Down


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
i totally had a melt down last night bout 11pm, was cryin lol, (feel silly now), i felt it coming on for a couple of hours. This may sound silly but i was cooking 2 sausage sandwhiches for my 11year old bout 8pm and while i was cutting it i fot to myself, Mmmmm cant wait until i can have this again, THEN i fot i wont have 2 i will have 4. I sat down n couldnt get it out my head wot i had fot, am i goin to still over eat when i lose my weight and can eat again, god am a bit scared. I had everyfing goin through my mind, how much i use to eat but not let anyone know the amount i would eat. Food is defo somefing i have used as comfort for about 15years i would say. Feel better today but scared how am goin to feel tonight. Ended up reading a cook book in bed lol lol lol lol. Am i losing my mind lol ????
Sharon xx
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Awwwwwwww Sharon, you have done so well just thinking these thought many would of caved in and had the sandwich, I think it is a good sign because you are facing up to how you used to eat and you are thinking abiut how you dant want to do it again, you are at the begining of a new improved you, well done girl.xx

By the way Im always watching the food channel.lol.
Aww you poor thing. Simply by cutting down you are proving that you are a different person now. You could have eaten a sandwhich there and then but you didn't and thats great!

Also, you're stomach will have shrank and you won't physically be able to eat as much as you once did x


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
fangs guys, ano i need to fink of the positives, i could have thrown in the towel last nyt so easily. Its really hard!!!!!!! Been a bit teary again today, all this coz of missing food lol lol. Luckly am not hungry or i wouldnt b able to cope, hurray for ketosis lol. Got to stay positive.
I can remember feeling really stroppy in my second week that hubby and kids were having a roll for lunch that I really wanted.

I promise it does get better, craving for carbs will go.

I'm in week 12 now and I don't think about what I can't have anymore. Instead I look forward to what I can have:)

Keep going these feelings won't last long, but your sense of pride will remain when you know you are winning your battle.

Good luck hun:)
i'm into my second week too hun and i had a wobble yesterday. i was really down, i think half of it with me was that i'm annoyed with myself for ever getting this big, and i know its nobody elses fault but my own.
you've done the hard bit now hun, you did really well resisting those sausages. i still find it hard cooking for my 2 year old. my other half cooks his own meal now though when he gets in. i was very much an emotional eater too so its the days i'm feeling down that i find the hardest.
just look at how far you've come already hun, this is a major life change and your doing so well. x xx


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
fanks everyone, feeling better susan fanks, ano wot u mean jen, it is the realisation that i have allowed myself to get to this that i actually need to stop eating to lose weight, grrrrrrrrrrr with myself i was feeling. Just all the fears of the future, but if i continued the way i was then i would defo not have a future, thats the way iam finking bout it now. Least ano that am not the only one with these feelings, my mates who i have told that iam doin this wouldnt understand, they nod their heads n try help but they dont know how it feels, so coming on this totally helps me realise am not goin mad lol. Week12 jen, that seems soooo far away, but am sure it wil fly in and i would rather be the new weight am goin to b then, than the weight i would b if i wasnt on Cambridge. fanks for all ur comments and i hope ur all doin well.
sharon xx


Please kick my butt!!
keep your chin up up hun.....there are plenty if shoulders on here to cry on.... xoxox

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