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  1. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    Hi everyone!! I have a couple of questions if anyone could help please!!! I have been on exante's total solution now for 11 weeks and 3 days.... My plan was to be on total solution until I'd done 12 weeks and then go on to working solution. BUT now I'm nearly at the end of 12 weeks I don't feel ready to introduce food. I know I should have already introduced some food every four weeks but I feel like I am a food addict and cannot be trusted to have even a small amount!!!! Anyway my question is... Has anyone been on total solution for longer then 12 weeks.. And if so how long and were there any side effects?? Other than the usual!! Also does anyone mix their shakes in advance? I'm starting a new job tomorrow and previously have been able to pop home at 2pm for my shake but this is no longer possible!! I'm hoping someone can help.... I haven't really posted much but it read the threads every day which keeps me motivated!!! ???
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  3. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Cor 12 weeks, that's amazing well done!! I've been doing it about the same amount of time but I have had days off every couple of weeks or so, have you been 100%? My advice I suppose would be if you feel fine then go for it, I think you only add in 200 cal or so anyway for aamw, but I've never done it so not entirely sure.

    Re the mixing in advance, I think they advise against that - could you not take a shaker bottle into work with you? I assume you have water available? If not, take a bottle if that in too? Or try a bar for lunch?

    Hope that's helps in a roundabout way!! :)
  4. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    Hi bob123! Thanks for your reply!! Yep I've been 100% which I can't believe myself... Never been this good on a diet before!!! I think I'm gonna carry on... Even though everyone around me is saying I must start eating soon... My hair.. Nails and skin have never looked better so it can't be too bad!! I ended up taking my hand mixer with me to work lol!! I have a shaker but for some reason it still comes out lumpy when I do it with that.... And I might also order some bars... Have been only having the shakes so far but having a bar would be so much easier!! Other half is currently eating a kebab in the kitchen so I'm on here trying to stay motivated!!!!
  5. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    I've never felt better either - my reasoning to people who say it's not healthy is that you'd never get 100% rda vits and mins from a diet of junk food but you do on this :)

    Forum is a great way of passing time when oh's are eating something yummy!!

    You should start a diary, people would be so inspired to hear from someone who's done it for so long!! Well done you! Are you far from goal now?
  6. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    I'm hoping to start a diary soon.... Once I get the time! I'm working two jobs at the moment so as soon as I have some spare time I will!! I started at nearly 16 stone!!! First time I've written that down!! Lol!! I'm now at 11 stone...... 4 stone 9lb gone!!! I haven't been this weight since I was 18 before the three kids!!! I absolutely love this diet and recommend it to everyone!!! Ha ha!! Never had so much energy... My goal is ten stone and to take my kids swimming for the first time ever!! I am getting increasingly worried about introducing food.... My diet before consisted of kebabs and fat coke so not great..... I think along the way I just forgot to look after myself. Life evolves around kids... Work.... How much have you lost so far? Are you far from goal??
  7. Miss Mac

    Miss Mac Gold Member

    Hi lucylou,

    I have done it in phases. For phase 1
    I did it for 17 weeks straight and was fine on it.

    Phase 2, i came off the diet for summer because i wanted to see if i could learn some new and good eating habits. My aim was to try and stabilise my weight. It was ok for the first 2 months then it went a bit wobbly. I recognise that now though and also where i went right and where i went wrong. So i think i learned a lot in this time.

    I am now on phase 3 and back to TFR 100% to complete my journey.

    So yes i think its ok for you to keep going. You sound like you dont have much more to lose now anyway, you have done so well :)
  8. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    Hi miss Mac! Thanks for the advice... Think I'm going to stick with it.... Then try and introduce some food once I'm nearer to goal! I'm so worried about wobbling... Knowing that everyone expects me to put it all back on is making me more determined!! I have a new job that involves a lot more moving around so hopefully it won't take too long!!! I'm really rubbish at drinking water so maybe I'll up that a bit and get to goal!!!
  9. Miss Mac

    Miss Mac Gold Member

    Im so bad with water too!!
    I drink plenty, just not water!!

    Making long term food choices is difficult and falling off and restarting is also difficult so if you have nothing planned and can do tfr until goal then go for it :)

    Good luck with your new job x
  10. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    Thanks miss Mac!! New job is exhausting but hopefully I'll get used to it soon!! I drink lots of coke zero but it doesn't seen to effect my weight loss!! I think I'm going to stay on ts until I reach goal and then the hard work really starts trying to maintain.....
  11. Miss Mac

    Miss Mac Gold Member

    Youre right there!!
    Who would think the 'easy' part is to lose weight lol
    Maintenance is definitely very hard to get right!!
  12. Phoenix87

    Phoenix87 Full Member

    Well done on your achievement so far! I am a long way off getting to this point, but I am trying to look ahead by reading posts and prepare in my head. I am all or nothing and have found previously I have gone off the rails when I have introduced food. Let us know how you get on :)
  13. Lucylou82

    Lucylou82 Member

    Hi phoenix87
    Still on TS!! Good luck on your journey! I did have an extra shake the other night... Oops!! Felt like I really needed it as been working loads... I've stayed the same the last week but hopefully I'll get a big loss next week!! I have a party in November that I really want to be at goal for so hopefully I'll get there! When did you start exante?!!

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