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Total update

HI girls, I hope you're all doing well and that weight is melting off you all!

Have been very naught over the last few weeks and been treating myself a bit too much - no nasty orange suprises which is suprising & a relief! Do you think my system has got used to it and it's not working?

Got back on the straight and narrow and am being v strict now! Got weighed today and have a total loss from april as 36lbs!:D

It averages about 1 & 1/2 pounds a week which my doc is delighted with. It means I'm losing body fat and am less likely to pile it on. We all know crash diets don't work!

Anyway I'm thrilled as I haven't really noticed any deprivation in my diet, i've had treats, drank loads of wine & not counted carbs or cals! I've done moderate exercise but certainly don't feel like I'm on some torturous regime. Also, I've totally changed my attitude towards food and find myself attracted to naturally healthy food, not junk! Once you look into different foods, there are loads of gorgeous meals you can have without feeling that you are on a diet & depriving yourself.

So, if I've achieved this whilst 'cheating' then I can really go for it now and lose even more!

I'm really going to cut down on the booze and step up my exercise. I know I'll cheat a bit at Xmas but won't go nuts. Going to have a treat day once a week where I can have a bit of choccie etc-but not go overboard.

I'm so happy - and a bit disgusted with myself for letting it get that bad. I still don't know my weight as I'm scared it will drive me to bulimia again. Maybe when I've lost a bit more I'll let the doc reveal it!

Good luck to you all xxxxxx
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