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Totally Bizarre - speech problems!

This is going to sound totally crazy and it may not be CD related AT ALL but I thought I would post just incase anybody else has had a similar experience!

The last few days (and today in particular) I have got all tongue twisted while talking! I seem to have had difficulty getting certain words out! IT sounds funny now when I type it out but I cant work out why its happening! Never happened before!

As I say, probably totally unrelated to CD, maybe just down to me being tired but you never know, perhaps there are others out there who have also experienced this but just never linked it to CD?!:):)
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Not one I have heard of to be honest, I have heard some people say they think clearer when in ketosis but not more muddled.

May be worth a trip to the GP just to get the all clear.


Hope it isn't serious...

I haven't suffered with anything like this or anything similar - I'll be interested in any replies you get...

H x
yes! there is somebody else! Thanks Starlight! its most peculiar isnt it? I found it quite annoying at work yesterday but i'm off today so it wont matter if i cant get the words out - my 2 yr old wont notice! lol

Let us know if it improves and I'll do the same
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I am the same, my OH is just laughing at me now, getting all my words muddled, was just talking to an IT manager at work and I swear he thinks I am a nutter, asked him all about the job spec for his EVA consultant went into great details etc and then I get off the phone and look at the paperwork and he was actually looking for a EMV person !! I have dealt with EMV for years and years and there I am asking him about EVA !! aghhh
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OMG Jodie, I am exactly the same. Just in this last few days. I had to repeat the same sentence to hubby 4 times last night before it came out right. he was pi**sing himself laughing at me and I was getting more and more frustrated.
hiya sweetie,

I've not been like this lately but was in the beginning, it can be frustrating and worrying at times, but I'm sure that it'll sort itself out, if it gets worse I'd do as Mike said and talk to your GP, just as a precaution hun. Also, off the beaten track but remember our horrid dreams?? I've not suffered with that for a while now, I think I got them more when I was going for gold with the water, now I don't drink half as much as I should but the nightmares have stopped. Tis a very strange diet this, great but weird.:D Hope you're ok hun.

xx sj xx

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