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Totally Fed up now

Almost 7 weeks on CD and i am totally fed up now. I miss not eating and i am getting very upset and angry:mad:.

Upset becos i want to eat so badly and Mad because i know i am not yet at goal.

have lost about 21/2 stone now and about another 21lbs to go. Another 4 to 6 weeks on SS, seems a very long way. I dont trust myself enough to do SS+ or 810.

Seems a bit SAd because i am a CDC and alwayd tell my clients " just keep going its only for a short while":cry::cry:. I guess i am only human and need a bit of support as well. I honestly cant remember it being this difficult the first time around. Today i was so hungry i could have eaten my hand:). I am still in ketosis so i dont know why i am so hungry.



Middlesex CDC:eek:
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it's one of those things, christmas doesn't seem that long ago to me, but it was nearly three months!!! it's all relative, it's a small portion of your life that i know feels like it's taking ages now but when you look back on it, it'll seem like it flew.

compared to how far i have come, i know its only for a shortwhile but it seems i am so close to sabotaging myself. i remember saying to someone " it gets easier" does it really? The silly thing is all i want to eat Chicken, for the last couple of days all i think about is roast chicken :) BUT i wont give in, i have tyo keep going. my next weigh in is tomorrow, hopefully i will have a good loss.

Come on Ebony you can do this.

It is tougher doing this again the first time is the golden time.

Sometimes it takes several attempts to get back on track - you have done that you are 2st 7lbs down.

Are you sure you can't trust yourself to do SS+ not with food but 4 packs and skimmed milk?

This really has helped a lot of people and the losses are really good.

Might be worth a try.

If you do decided to move to SS+ don't alternate between 4 packs and milk and 3 packs and 200 cal meal as this will confuse your body stick to one or the other.

Thanks Linda,

i think i will give that a try. can i have 2 bars and 2 shakes? i know that the new bars have the same amount of calories as the shakes fortunately i dont suffer the windy effects from the bars (i hope).
Firstly you need to change your name cos Ebony although a beautiful wood is very black and maybe keeping you in a black mood!!!! Beyond that :p are you letting yourself down with your daily intake of water? I have been reprimanded for drinking too little this week and AS IT HAPPENS have had my least successful weight loss to match. I abide by all the rules for SS and drink the minimum cos my bladder doesnt want more but I have just found out by following a link that I should for my height and weight be drinking 3.4 litres and I certainly fall short of that.
If you are utterly desparate to eat chicken, you would be able to have 2oz chicken with the appropriate accompaniment on AAMW. Could that be an option for you; otherwise load up on Chicken & mushroom CD soup or oriental chili and get just a smidge of a nibble of chickeny pieces. Keep posting and updating us with your progress cos that may distract you and get you over your worst moments.
Thanks Linda,

i think i will give that a try. can i have 2 bars and 2 shakes? i know that the new bars have the same amount of calories as the shakes fortunately i dont suffer the windy effects from the bars (i hope).
I never recommend more than one bar unless absolute emergency. They can make you feel hungrier and the new ones have a lot more fibre 9.9 g as opposed to 0.9 so one may not give you the windy effects but two could cause a galeforce explosion:eek:
Ebony - black, strong, beautiful and very much desired by all (Vanity is my middle name)

You are quite right about the water intake. I barely drink the recommended but i know i should be drinking more. I will up my water intake to 4 litres now.

Also i have been down with that nasty bug doing its rounds. sore throat, headache, tummy upset etc, so i guess all that plus lack of food has really got me down

well tomorrow is another day!!
Ebony is rising ...... you are on the mend now, water is needed even more when your tum is upset because it takes out more water if you are having the runs or similar. Water, water everywhere and not a lot to drink!!!! Keep smiling ........
Ebony, it is hard, I know we say it gets easier but thats when we are on a good day. I am having a bad day today, also have runny nose and sore throat and two toddlers who are also sick and cranky and hanging off me all day, but I got through it... I am hoping that tomorrow will be better, cos it usually works that way and will probably be the same for you.

You're getting there, today was just a tough day, take it one day at a time. The results will spur you on!


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Hi Ebony
Yes thats it with any Diet more so this one , just hope your strong head will come back . 21 pounds is not much . Have a pamper day , look at photos of yourself thinking do i want to stay like this , eat or SS ?
Great thanks I am feeling quite upbeat today, been drinking a lot of water and in a better mood. another 4Lbs loss this week:D:D, hopefully this upbeat mood will last for the next couple of weeks.

p.s can a skinny capuccino be part of my milk allowance:) thinking of paying starbucks a visit

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