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Well, I've been for my weigh in today and I've not lost a thing!!! I stayed the same - whats going on there?!?!? I've stuck to it and not cheated at all so I just cannot understand it.

It's not put me off though......I'll be carrying on.

I'm not getting weighed next week as I'm away for the weekend. SO my next weigh in will be 11 September which is also the day I'm starting refeed. I desperately wanted 10lbs off for then but
I'm not convinced thats going to happen now!!

Has anyone else had this happen to them or do they know of anyone its happened to???? I think this could be a first!!
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Sorry you're disappointed - it can be really gutting when this happens and you know you've stuck to it 100%!!

It's rare but I have heard of it - thing is (as you've said) you musn't let it put you off! Chances are it was a blip of the scales or your fluid balances or some such annoyance. You can't defy the laws of physics - I bet you'll see a HUGE drop at that next weigh in. Make sure you're drinking enough water - it's bound to happen.

Keep up the good work xx


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Hey hang in there, it has happened to me and i am now slowing to 1lb a week, its a sign its time to refeed, how you are feeling is more accurate than a pair of scales
Thanks guys. I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

I've got up this morning and my boobs are a bit tender.....possibly water retention for TOTM??

Anyhow, onwards and upwards and I'm sure the next weigh in will be a good one. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again ladies x
hey hun- sorry you're disappointed but if you look at your overall loss for 6 weeks- nearly 2 and a half stone?! AMAAAAAAAAAING!

I'm sure it will be totm or something- I can put on half a stone in fluid when my period is due! Next week you'll have lost again for sure.

Chin up

awh sorry to hear about that but keep going you will probably get a massive loss on your next WI, its probably your body playing games.
soz your dissappointed hun, iv read some posts on here where some people have sts 1 week but lost goo the next. At least your staying positive and carrying on hun... good luck for your next weigh in xxx
Hey hun, these things happen. Just think, if you were on any other diet you would probably have put on! I am sure that come your next WI you will have a BIG loss that will have you walking on air - and just in time for refeed.

Hang in there hun.



Positivity is the key
hope you are feeling better now, sorry about the lack of weight loss this week but good that you didn't put up. Enjoy your weekend and you will be fine next time you weigh in. Wishing you all the best.

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