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totally irrelevant..

hi guys,

i know this has nothing to do with lipotrim but i have a dilemma!!

I just started a new job 6 weeks ago, but i kinda feel i've taken a step back in my career. Anyway, i've seen a job advertised that looks perfect, but i feel so guilty about applying for it. Do you think it's really rotton on me to be applying for jobs so soon after just starting one. Everyone is so lovely here so it makes it so much more difficult.arrgghh!!HELP!
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Hi Pink

I dont think there is any harm whatsoever in you applying for it....but, if you feel you have gone backwards and the one you want to apply for will get you back in line again, then go for it.

I know what you mean, but at the end of the day you have to look after No 1 and if you dont apply you may kick yourself forever about it.

Personally, I would go for it, you have nothing to lose whatsoever.
100% agree with Scotsmist. You have to look out for yourself.

If you do end up staying where you are, maybe discuss your concerns with your line manager and see if you can get extra responsibilities and career development. It's still early days yet, so maybe you're not fully in tune with the job yet :)

But go for the new one - nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Absolutely you must go for it. We all have just one life to live to the full, best of luck.
In this day and age its level of pay and job security that counts most. Just consider your job security likelyhood for the next 24 months before you drop it, the grass mybe greener over there.....


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Follow your best move, if you stay and feel under utilised you may not be a productive member of staff for that team. If your line manager is approachable and rewards initiative you may do well staying put. Only you know the answer to that. Wishing you all the best.
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No way, not at all! We have to look after Number 1 (us) first and foremost - you go for it :D
Companies are used of people coming and going . Its a fact of life . You have to do whats right for you . They will survive .
hi guys,
thanks for your advice!!i'd decided to just go for it!!applying tonight so will let you know the outcomes!
really really appreciate your words of encouragement xx
good luck pinkcup cake hope you get it, by the way that pic on your signature is soooo distracting haha i wanna eat all them cakes now haha xxx

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