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Totally O/T- scared of the dentist


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Hi all

I have never really had a problem with dentists before- as a child I had really healthy teeth and never really needed work doing. When I fell pregnant however, I had really bad gum and teeth problems and since we had moved areas, I was seeing a new (and not very nice at all) dentist. She had a horrible bedside manner and kept refusing to do anything about the pain in my mouth. Eventually, I got an emergency appointment with her colleague who took one look at my tooth and decided it was better for me to have it removed. He also told me that it should and could have been sorted months earlier if she'd have listened to me. My tooth actually fell apart as he was removing it and it was incredibly painful. That was 4 years ago and I haven't been to the dentist since.

A few months ago, I cracked a molar and hadn't thought much of it, but the last few days I've been in agony. I have just had a look at it and there is a massive cavity. Now the thought of going to the dentist has actually made me cry, I'm so scared of the pain. I know I should of gotten it sorted sooner, but I've developed a real phobia of dentists. I don't even think I'm registered anywhere anymore. Any advice on how to get myself sorted would be greatly appreciated- I'm a wreck this morning!
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I am the same :( I have a fear of having a tooth removed as when I was 8 years old I hd 8 teeth out (baby teeth which wouldn't fall out) the dentist kept one as he said the roots were so long - Mum gave me chicken soup that day and 26 years later I still can't eat it..........

I am fine having fillings though, don't like it but it's bearable.

I have just registered with a new dentist and they took 2 of my 9 year olds teeth out last week, thank god I wasn't there, I would have had to call someone to sit with her, however if you find a large newish practice they do techniques and have specialists who deal with things to help you sit in the chair, open your mouth, have procedures..............even giving you pre medication if you need it to help you relax.

They may be able to fix your tooth and you may not need anything so drastic, if you leave it it may be unsaveable so please find a dentist today and have someone have a look, explain you are scared and that you really need some care and attention and patience !

This new dentist I have my first appointment next week and I am scared, as they may find things that need ork, but I don't want to lose teeth and have gaps at 34...........be brave............if I could hold your hand I would !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi lisalulu,

I know exactly how you feel as it is my pet phobia as well:cry: Some awful experiences that I won't go into here as I still find it too traumatic to talk about.

My old dentist retired and he was so very gentle and I found it very difficult to change over to a new one.

I did make it clear with my new dentist that I have this fear and I must say he along with his staff took my feelings on board and it made all the difference.

In four years you will find that dentistry has moved on a lot and you may well be pleasantly surprised like I was.

Everyone that came near me I reminded them before they touched me, just in case the message was not passed on.

Once they know how you feel they are very sympathetic as it is a very common phobia partly due to the butchers that where in the trade years ago.

Love Mini xxx
lisa you poor poor love i know exactly how you feel i wont go into it for now ..

you have to get yourself sorted sooner rather than later....

i dont no where you live but in london they can put you to sleep if you really cant bear to be awake when they do what they have to do your dentist has to refer you lots of hugs for you xxx :(
I am the same :( I have a fear of having a tooth removed as when I was 8 years old I hd 8 teeth out (baby teeth which wouldn't fall out) the dentist kept one as he said the roots were so long - Mum gave me chicken soup that day and 26 years later I still can't eat it..........
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You can ring your local PCT. (primary care trust) they are the ones wo give nhs dentists their money. they have an obligation to find you emergency nhs care within 48hrs. under the old NHS system all dentists had to see their registered patients within 24-48hrs but when new contract came in the govenment abolished registration and developed access, therefore its up to them to get you seen.
On the phobia part. the Department of health have established guidelines for treating nervous and phobic patients. you are entitaled to request sedation under
Department of health guidelines as outlined in Commissioning Conscious Sedation in Primary dental Care (Gateway ref: 8338)
patients who satisfies the indications on page 3 para. 5.1. on the above document as follows

The first indication:
•“patients that are anxious or phobic.”

The second indication:
“those patients with movement disorder, physical and/or mental disability who are otherwise unlikely to allow safe completion of treatment

The third indication :
•“to enable a particularly unpleasant and complicated procedure, such as a more
difficult surgical removal of a tooth, to be carried out without distress to the patient”.

The fourth indication:
•“to avoid the need for general anaesthesia, for example in patients with long-standing dental phobia.”

apologies for the information overload. I specialise in treating nervous dental patients!!!!


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Oh gosh, poor you. I can really sympathise, since my teeth are the bane of my life!!!

And if I need anaesthetic, is it safe on SS?
This will really depend on all sorts. You may have to go onto 1200 before and after. You'll need to check with your CDC, and she/he can phone Gill. Depends on what they might do/have done/antibiotics/whether they knock you out for it etc.

Hope you find a dentist shortly. I can vouch for whisky being one of the best things for numbing, not whilst in ketosis though!

Clove oil helps. Ack. Poor you :hug99:


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Oh and BTW. I reckon things have really moved on in the last few years with dentists. Mine is the nicest, most gentle man that anyone could wish for.

Also had really big extraction at the hospital a year or two ago, and they were so lovely and all relatively pain free.

The fear of what might happen rarely matches reality. Sure you'll be just fine and come out so relieved you've had it done. (if you find a dentist that is!)
hi, i am worlds worst patient...
i have either intravenous sedation or a pre-med drink before i get into chair (like a sedative drink).
both have worked wonders for me... i still hate going but at least i know i wont remember anything lol!
i also had to have 2 bottom wisdoms out in may, went to hospital under g.a and this too was 'bearable' (just...).
please ask about both procedures, they will help you massively.
btw i am prob much much much worse than you. get teary-eyed just for a check up, wont let any tools into my mouth either.
you are not alone, but pls ask for something to calm you down!!!
Oops. I'm bad. Went and had about 500 fillings done last week on 2 separate days...whilst on SS...and a lovely totally numb mouth both days. I wonder if I get to blame a not-so-good weigh in on Monday on the dentist? :)

Dentist is not the nicest place, can't say I'd spend my holidays there! What's happening then? Have you had your toofypeg sorted?

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