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Totally off the rails!!

hey guys, i'm feeling really down and annoyed at myself at the moment and thought i would share this with you. I've been on the cambridge diet for about 7 weeks now. i'm always up and down. First 3 weeks were great and i lost 1 stone, then went on holiday for 10 days and put on 6 pound. I went back on the diet when i got bk and in 2 weeks lost the 6 pound. This weekend has been terrible though. I just totally gave in and from friday - sunday i have eaten none stop rubbish. I dont know what came over me i just feel like i cant do it anymore. Weighed myself this morning and had put on 5 pound. I feel like im going round in circles and really dont know what to do. Its my birthday at the end of november and i really want to lose another stone by then but the way things are going i cant see it! Any comments would be great. x x
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Hi Hannahx,

You need to take stock of the situation chick. Each time you start and stop CD it gets harder and harder to restart not to mention that because of the eating you are then playing catch up to re-lose the weight you gain. It's not great for your bod to be up and down in weight either.

So, instead of trying and failing on SS - why not try 790 or the 1000 plan. Gives you a small amount of food to look forward to each day and hopefully will stop you falling off completely. Or perhpas if you have a social life that revolves a lot around food you could swap to SW or WW?? Alright, the weight loss will be slower but it would mean you were still eating/drinking whatever you like.

The decision has to be yours hun and yours alone. You have to do what is right for you

Mrs V

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Hi Hannah,

Dobbie is right, perhaps SS isn't for you. It really does get more and more difficult to get back on it - I know I had a weekend of piggery myself last weekend! It made me feel really ill and I don't want to go through that again.

Seriously think about what you want to do because loosing and gaining large amounts of weight in such a short space of time is not good for you.

Take care.

thanx guys for your messages. I do think i need to think long and hard about what i want to do. I know that if i come off it im going to put all my weight back on again especially if i can put 5 pound on over a weekend! i will keep you informed in what i do but thank you for the comments x x
Hi Hanna
I struggled with SS ing not so much hungry but tired (6 month old baby) so have been eating of the list of foods you are allowed - feel much better. Give that a go.



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Hi hon

That 5 pounds you put on won't all be actual weight gained, remember. Just the refilling of your glycogen stores plus the associated water. If you get straight back on the diet, it'll pretty much come straight off again within a day or two.

Don't lose heart. :hug99:

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