Totally Scrumptions Lunch...Mmmm!!


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Though this may not be to everyone's taste, I had to share it because I enjoyed it so much! Plus it's all guys here at work, and, well... say no more...

I made deep Spanish omellette/frittata last night, with sliced potato, broccoli, peas and cherry toms - lots of all of them. When cooked, I topped (the portions I woudl use) with 1/2 fat cheese (1A) and melted under the grill. I ate it for lunch today with a sliced tomato and onion salad (with olive oil (1tsp/2syns) and balsamic vinegar). It might not sound like much, but the flavours were amazing and the cheese tasted SO good, cold. I bit like cold pizza, which most love, but won't admit to! ;)

I'm stuffed!
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G: 12st2lb

I had a chicken breast (red day) nandos peri peri sauce 0.5syn for tbsp marinade, salad and in a sandwich! Was lush and Im full too :)


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I had a toasted ham, egg and cheese(laughing cow) sandwich and a salad. xxx


Well im sat here eating rice salad with boiled eggs... and a muller light/jelly pudding!!!

Yummy... looking forward to tea tonight bean pie....



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I'm soooo full. I've just had pasta n' sauce but with 1/2 tin of beans stirred into them too. It's well hit the spot. Mmmm, off for a little sleep now x


I'm at my desk eating pasta quiche which i made last night, and i have a muller light and an apple for after :) xxx


How do you make this pasta quiche ????

Sounds Yummy .....



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S: 13st11lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st4lb(2.07%)
That's brilliant ladies! You've all given me some new ideas, which is fab, because lunch always seems to be my biggest hurdle :confused:

I'm loving the idea of that cheese & ham toastie. Give it to me... :bliss:give it to me!!
This is how I make it but some do it differently, you can also vary the veg to what you have.

3 eggs
some onion
some orange pepper
some sweetcorn
cottage cheese
pasta n sauce

cook pasta n sauce

chop veg into small pieces

mix eggs cottage cheese and veg together

add the cooked past n sauce and mix well

put into an oven dish

place in oven until cooked (120 for around 30- 40 mins)


It is very filling, I have 1/2 when it comes out the oven, for dinner when it is nice and warm and the rest the next day for lunch.




That sounds really yummy.... Going to make a load of meals at the weekend.. lol

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Oooo...youve made me feel really hungry!!!

I had a salmon salad - salmon with gherkins, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, spring onions, yellow pepper, lettuce, topped with 2 tbsp Hellmans extra light mayo.

Made a syn free bolognase sauce (meat one) the other night, so will have for tea with roasted butternut squash, courgettes, peppers, onion and served with 7oz new potatoes (HEB) and celeriac mash...cant wait, Im quite hungry now!