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totally starving newbie!!

Stick with it, it does get easier, i promise. As soon as you are in ketosis you will feel like you can conquer the world!


not so str8 or narrow!!
oh god the first few days are REALLY hungry but promise it does get much much better - by end of your first week you'll be thinking its really easy! good luck - stick at it its so worth it and if you have only 2 stone to lose being a man it'll be gone in no time!
stick with it, it will get better, have you tried making your shakes hot?? I find them more filling that way or splitting your pack so you dont go so long between shakes.

Good luck.xx
Being a man I did the man shopping thing and didn't get enough flavours so I think I will be battling boredom untill i next see my cdc in 8 days time!!
Keep reading that men lose the weight faster tham women,is this true?
Only got porridge,for breakky every day for the next 8 days,tastes a bit like wall paper paste although the choc mint shakes are well nice.
cant see me sticking to ss so am trying ss+,cdc said to do either or a mix of both so here goes
In 8 days time you will of got used the the taste and textures of cd and will be finding it much much easier, stick with it.

It seems men do loose faster than women:cry:
Thanks will try that


not so str8 or narrow!!
Rob, your blog (thats rhymes!) is bl**dy hilarious! love it
Thanks,first attempt at blog writing so wasn't sure about it.Maybe I should keep it up,gonna open it up to more general subjects though.

Just had wall paper paste-oops porridge for lunch,used extra water and it was a it more paletable,couldnt add choc powder today as I gobbled it up at 6am!! ah well still the soup,caramel bar and a massive 200kcal meal to go at!!

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