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totm and spots


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hi all well as some as u know i started cd ss+ on wednesday.
i was already on my ps just about to finish but ive been on for 9 days i normally just hav 5 or 6.

has this got anything to do with the diet, has any1 been through this , also since i started cd i have loads of of spots on my face.:cry::cry:

please help
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Yup. All to do with CD but it does settle down. Because you are shrinking yor fat they realse a whole load of hormones, sending your cycle a bit mental.

Hence the spots.

Honestly though, and thi is a promise your skin does start to look really good and periods settle down.

I have PCOS and normally get acne (face neck, back and chest) and really unreliable periods if ever. On CD though no spots beyond the odd wee blocked pore playing up, and periods are great, like clockwork and settle down to a nice even event.



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thanks for ur reply, il just have to wait for them to settle i guess,


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Ah yes-lovely spots. I posted a couple of weeks about having spots, but it's totally normal. They've cleared up now and my skin feels lovely (I'm 4 weeks in). As for TOTM-well mine are all over the place! I had one (extremely short one) in my first week of CD-and I've just had another very short one a couple of days ago! (which was a week early-as was the other one!) Hopefully they'll settle down soon-if not it's a small price to pay for a few months.


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well hon. if your totm is going a bit mad it's a sign that it's working. hormones are stored in fat and as we get rid of the fat then the hormones get released. i turn into an absolute monster. but i try to remind myself that it's proof that it's working!! and if i have to endure it for a couple of months then so be it :D

abz xx


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I'm due to start CD soon, and have been wondering about spots. I don't get my TOTM anymore as I take Cerazette to stop me getting it (I suffered terribly with v. v. v. heavy periods). I never suffered with spots as a teenager, but now I'm in my late 20s and am always breaking out. I think it's due to my shoddy diet and complete lack of nutrition, as well as the 2+ litres of diet coke I drink (or rather, drank, I'm going cold turkey on it right now in preparation for CD). Anywaaaayy, to cut a long post short (sorry!) I was wondering if someone could confirm my suspicions that drinking all the water CD requires, as well as not eating all the usual junk will restore my skin back to its former glory?

Happy Saturday everyone! :)
It s very strange about the TOTM, I have been heading into very early menopause (confirmed by GP) for the last 3 years my TOTM was every 3 to 4 months if that. Since starting CD I am now every 3 weeks exactly what I was until I started the early menopause. It seems to have temporarily reversed

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