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totm for 3 weeks and counting!

Hi hun, iv bled non stop since the day after I started LT. I had to have a colposcopy today and I told the nurse I was bleeding... And she sort of looked a bit worried that I'd been bleeding for over 3 weeks. Then when I told her I was on a ketogenic diet she said "ahhh that's why you're bleeding!" she said that extra hormones are released and it's totally normal and nothing to worry about. Only if it gets unusually heavy. It's likely that for the entirety of LT some people will have irregular bleeding. Total bummer. I'm fed up of it!! But it's really normal.
P.s colposcopys suck :( lol x


Sensibly losing :)
Right there with ya - i posted similar the other day grrrr. Mine turned up when NOT due (how bloody rude!!!!) and was a lot longer.. still slightly ongoing.. as and when it feels like it which is a severe pain in the ass!!!... definitely going in the right direction but dunno what will happen when due again.. ??? I certainly cant be having that all of the time because of my anaemia... so if that were to be the case I would have to come off this TFR.. and I dont want that!

If you are going away you can get a pill from the doc to bring you out of it.. worth bearing in mind.. ita hormonal so wont affect ketosis etc... I have had it before and it worked wonders xxx


Sensibly losing :)
Squeeze, how did you get on today?? Take it you hated every moment! :(
I had one once when I had seriously bad cells, I had no warning, they did it the same day but they took away 1/3 or my cervix... and bizarrely enuf I got to watch the entire thing on a big telly on the ceiling....!! I was completely engrossed, fascinating and I couldnt feel a thing (thankfully)... hope you got on okxxx
I'm glad its not just me ! (sorry) gutted though, go onholiday in a week !
I was on for the first two or three weeks then stopped so don't panic yet! ;)
Bloody hell bet that was a bit unpleasant lol. I watched mine too... But they didn't give me an injection so it feckin KILLED. they only took a small amount but felt it all!!! Bloody vaginas. Who needs em eh. Lol. Men have it too easy I swear. Luckily I had it in my mind that the colposcopy would the most horrific and traumatic thing ever... So I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't THAT bad. But still really weird and painful. Ouchies :( nevermind... Definitely preferable to cancer!!

About the Anaemia thing... Can you not take feraglobin?? I used to take it when I was anaemic... I am sure there would be something you can take... Coming off TFR would suck. But hopefully our bleeding problems will subside! At least we know it's normal x


Sensibly losing :)
Nah, I have tried that.. I have been through about 15 different types, even slow release capsules with special segments that cost a fortune so the doc said! Still have the same effect, turn my bowels inside out (LOL) and made me feel incredibly sick and headachey... bloody stuff is yuk! Even the smell when you open the bottle..! *shudder*... I have been like it most of my adult life and its certainly been worse than it is now so will just wait it out and see what goes on with my next blood test... I aint giving up the LT unless I hit the deck (not wanting to tempt fate but yswim!!) xx

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