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TOTM gains


I've recently noticed that prior to TOTM and during TOTM I almost always gain weight. Last week I gained a small amount due to, I imagine, PMS. I did not eat outrageous amounts (not enough to gain weight,) and I still exercised loads. The problem with this is that it leaves me only 2 weeks out of month to lose weight! The week before my period I always gain, and then it takes me another week to get back to normal! So annoying!

This means that in total I sometimes only lose 2lb a month! :eek: Now I'm not in too much of a rush to lose my weight, but a steady 6 lb a month would be nice. About three weeks ago I got into the 14s, but now, thanks to TOTM, I'm back in the 15s.

It's so annoying! Is there any way I can reduce this water weight? I usually don't drink much water (maybe three cups a day, including tea.) If I increase my water to ten cups or so, might this help?
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I think you need to be drinking a lot more fluid so your body doesn't feel like it has to hand on to every drop once a month. You've nothing to lose except weight so why not give it a try. Drinking more water will also benefit you in a lot of other ways eg better skin, feeling less tired. And as hunger pangs can actually be caused by being dehydrated it may even help with the losses.


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I always 'gain' 4-5lbs around the 3rd week of my cycle no matter what I eat/drink/exercise etc. I've resigned myself to this monthly fluctuation as I don't feel theres anything I can do about it? I drink LOADS, at least 4l a day of 'pure' water or black tea, so it's not a lack of fluids- I reckon I'm just more prone to retention because of hormones? Most of it does come off again, but it's hard work...


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Water really is golden, perhaps even try looking into herba tea's or hot water and a slice of lemon. Aim for a glass with every meal and that way your will have a 3rd of your daily under your belt!

Good luck.


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