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TOTM Issues? (Guys can ignore this thread.)


The Nerdy Singer
Hey - I had my last TOTM on week 2 of this diet. I am now half through Week 8, and still no TOTM. I'm usually only 2 days late at most. I haven't had any physical contact aside from hugging with someone since January so there's no way that is the issue.

Does this diet affect TOTM?
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A pound at a time
Yes it does. It affects different women in different ways it seems. I have only been on this 9 weeks and am having my 3rd cycle already. It seems as if it is very heavy this time too. I think I read that it has something to do with the hormones in the shrinking fat cells.


Back on the wagon
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I definitley think it does. I dont have actual monthlys (got a mirena coil) but this last 2 months I have suffered really bad PMT! I can't stop myself :-( Even had to apologise to hubby earlier lol

Think of it that its not for long.... we hope anyway



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Am on week 8, was 3 weeks 4 days late for TOTM, usually very early. Plus had quite a lot of pain on and off waiting to start. What a relief when it finally happened. Hope it's just a one-off while my body adjusts.


please try again
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mine have never been regular some times only 3 or 4 a year then a lovely 14 month long one ( i kid you not ) on cambridge i tend to get them every 2 or 3 weeks so sometimes only a week clear before the next starts

i also never used to get symptoms but now i get pmt ( i feel myself getting peed off at him but cant stop ) and i get pains for a couple of days before

Am on week 8, was 3 weeks 4 days late for TOTM, usually very early. Plus had quite a lot of pain on and off waiting to start. What a relief when it finally happened. Hope it's just a one-off while my body adjusts.
Oops! The above message (ZoBo) is mine, she's my daughter and was logged onto my computer and forgot to log out.
Weight can affect it anyway, so once you start doing something about it, it's bound to affect it. Some will be more frequent, some less, but hopefully when we've got to target it will settle and be more consistent. Mine vary from about 31 days to 45! So hoping they will be more frequent when I have less weight to lose!


The Nerdy Singer
I was hoping to wear my new white pants today, but as I'm late, that is tempting fate. Booo, now I cna't wear them until I get and finish TOTM. :-\


The Nerdy Singer
Hmm - earing the white trousers.

Should I be nervous, though? From the sounds, you're all getting it -early- not late....
I lost weight this week but was worried as my tummy was so swollen and rock hard.
It usually only does this the day before my period, and I'm not due till the weekend.
But, this morning I had real period pains in my back, so i think it'll be early for me, and I'm usually regular as clockwork every 28 days.
im on ll and on my 3rd week and on my sec one in 3 weeks!! raging cause i have the implant and never used to get them :(
I hadn't had one for 7 weeks, it's usually every 4 and a half, and this time it's a killer!

I'm a mooncup girl, which I thoroughly reccomend - saves a fortune, kind to your body, kind to the enviroment, and comes in a cute little pouch!
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I brought a mooncup and have just started using it. I am definitely a convert. It is suprisingly comfortable and you can use it through the night - wish i'd found it years ago


Laugh in the face of food
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This is a little deviation from the topic but - does anyone know if using Ketostix during your TOTM affects the reading in any way? I'm on the brink of getting back into ketosis after my holiday and have just come on grrr, so not sure if I should bother using my last stick to check....


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Mine is now 4 days late, am usually 28 days like clockwork... so feeling bloated and horrible today; and only registered a 2lbs loss on her scales last night.. bah humbug.....

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