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TOTM Question


Getting Married 2012
I restarted cd this week and guess what 2 days after weigh in and totm hit me, i have 2 questions

1) do you think i will have put a little extra on because it was due?
2) how long till the weight comes off?

I onyl wore leggings and a jumper at my weigh in and wished i had wore jeans now so i get a bigger loss lol.

Got my weigh in on Tuesday to see how well i have done :553:
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It's really hard to predict because it affects everyone in such different ways. Some people see no effect at all, some people see a less than expected loss followed by a bigger loss the next week. But remember it's not "fat" gain if your loss slows slightly so just focus on the average monthly loss and trust the plan.


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Hiya I usually weigh more the week before wi but others don't get effected at all n others weigh more during totm so it is difficult to say. I agree with firstborn though remember it's not fat just water retention usually and it goes as quickly as it came! Just be 100% and u will Defo have a good loss!
Hi again claire

Try to avoid using words like cheating to yourself. ... yes it sounds silly but it does make a difference.... "cheating" can set up the subconscious thought that you are missing out, depriving yourself etc which can then trigger a desire to eat. If you tell yourself that you made toad in the whole but CHOSE not to eat it your mind will actually start believing that making leading to it getting easier and easier to choose not to eat things in the future (it's called positive and negative re-enforcement).


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