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Hi I started CD SS on Monday and have now started bleeding, with period pains, banging head, the lot. The thing is I have the Contraceptive Implant and dont have periods!!! This happened when I went on CD before (only managed a week before) but the CDC said it was just a coincidence. Anyone else here that can shed some light to this problem.
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Don't think it is coincidence. Periods can go haywire on CD, think it's something to do with hormones being released as we burn the fat. I had 2 months with no period, then three in 5 weeks, and am usually like clockwork. I guess a CDC might see this thread and explain it better than I can, but I know CD can affect periods.


I second the above posts, periods go HAYWIRE on CD, which I like.

I have PCOS and its one of the few times I get a "natural" period without forcing my body to do all types of hormonal nonsense.

Women lay down oestrogen and progesterone in thier fat stores. When fat begins to shrink down some of it is released into your bloodstream.

It will even out, don't worry about it.


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I hope it stops soon and doesnt last all through the diet, it caught me out, big time.

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