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TOTM - when does your big drop happen?

Ladies, apologies if this has already been answered but i'm not sure what to put as a keyword when searching....

I know most of us tend to sts / gain when we get our monthly visit but i was wondering .. when does your stall tend to end??

a)Just before TOTM??
b)when TOTM starts??
c)none of the above?

I'm asking as I'm coming up to my TOTM - this will be the first one on Dukan where i have been eating as i should - last month was on hols in Spain and gained 6 lb. (lost 6lb the following week)

I have stayed the same for the past week or so and need reassurance as to when the 'big drop' will come?

hope this makes sense... x:confused:
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My weight loss came the 2/3rd day of TOTM but I had stalled for a good eight days before it was due! Not sure if this helps as I'm sure everyone is different but just keeping drinking your water and avoiding processed meats so you're not retaining x And no need to tell you Curvy but you know you'll start losing again soon!!! :)
yes, I know you're right but seems like i've been at STS for an eternity!

On a positive note at least I haven't gained.. which is what usually happens at TOTM - so maybe a decent loss is approaching..:)


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I checked my chart:rolleyes:
I had 2 since I started the diet, both times I started gaining 5 days prior to TOTM and start going down on 4th day again..
Edited to add: There is no big loss on 4th day! It just starts going down again and the following 3-5 days it keeps going down fast.. Wanted to mention it so you don't get dissapointed if there is not too much difference :)
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My cycle is pretty much like Elida's - I hate it when weigh-in comes right before, but then I normally have a decent drop the next week. This week weigh-in was the day before (started today, so much of my grumbling last week was probably PMT) and I was down 1.5 pounds, so I expect a 3.5 pound loss next week. If I hop on the scale on day 4 I am normally down quite a bit more, but then part of it comes back as my body goes back to normal.
Hi :)

I was really surprised by my first TOM on this diet. Normally I gain half a stone in water so was naturally expecting to gain. I didnt, I still lost but was only a pound here or there. Felt tons better in mood too. :)

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