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I hit it early this week and turned to painkillers and lots of distraction! Hot baths, shaved my legs, cleared out my closet and looked at all the clothes i want to get into etc....anything to make my mind stronger than the the mantra that's working for me "what do i want more, that piece of choc/chip/dessert right now or to lose weight".

C'mon, you can do it! But I think you have to be honest with yourself too; pain didn't make you eat, you are used to comforting yourself with food ..but you are taking steps to break the cycle so please don't be harsh with's done... a small hiccup..just try and take today as a new day and focus on today only.. one day at a time and you (we'll) get there!

Big hugs!



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I find thata major sweet tooth at TOTM.

So I survive on loads of sugar free jelly, sugar free lollipops, and a bucket of painkillers!

And if a big craving hits me I come on here and chat, or look at the inspiration slideshow.

You should def. try a bit of exercise though, even if its just a walk down the road for 5mins, can help lift your mood a bit and make you more positive.

But as Gg said it is just a hiccup, and we'll all make mistalkes along the way.What matters is whether you let it get you down and give up or dust yourself off and continue.

Good Luck!


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I have what i want, but try a low fat alternative and controlled portion size. U can have weight watchers chips and a youngs fish cake for not many kcals or even fish fingers... and a weight watchers choc brownie. Theyre to die for! U must try them! Like someone said above as well sugar free jelly and sugar free sweeties really help 2! Im going thru a pants time this wk and comfort eat which is how i got fat again... so Im thinkin i'll feel twice as bad if i dont meet my goal! And come on here!! xx


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Mine's hit yesterday/today as well - I find Im not actually to bad, I prefer to start my diets off at TOTM then it only gets easier!

Not had massive chocolate craving either which is good but am feeling really wiped out and knackered today but with everything else that's going on I know it's more that than TOTM!