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Ahh, I'm on HRT & I ALWAYS 'start' on the first row of pills, this time I 'started' on the last line, a week EARLY! I know from being on Cd it can affect your periods, less, more, late & early. Are you on any contraceptive? I think it might be an idea to ring the number on the Celeb Slim website & see what they say if you're worried. Are you on the pill, injections, coil or anything? Hope you feel ok.


Yes could be, lol my hubby had it about 6 years ago too. Poor thing, now I'm too 'past it' to get pregnant, lol! Might be an idea to marl periods down on a calendar or diary, just in case it's hormonal.
done a bit of reading on this last night and it seems to be a side effect of many diets. if al all worried go see you GP or a medic.

i have the implant so don;t have a period anyway. however my boddy takes a hissy fit every 6-9 months and i bleed solid for a month.

how are you finding the diet bar that?
i am on time this month , but if your weight goes u or down it can change your dates , as can age lol
i know the feeling. pain, moodswings and tiredness you can keep it

how you getting on with CS
fine on week 5 , someone asked at work why i was drinking shake ,trying to keep it low key at work till lost some more weight, i had shake as was having meal out . u know what some people can be like ,:D
lol, some folk can be a bit thick can't they. i know what you mean thou, bit embarrassing mixing a shake in public....

your a third of the way there so your doing great
husband has not see them lol he knows am on low carb diet ,but have shakes then hes in bed or work lol:D
lol! i had to tell my family as well all eat together. wasn't expecting the support, but my mum has been great
:Dyes my mam and daughters been help full , husband cooks some times meat and veg or curry with veg , hes trying to help
ohh curry is lovely. do enjoy my currys. had satay the other night and was suprised to find i like it


Satay mmmm I might make some this week. I'm having ANOTHER TOTM, just 2 days since my last one finished!!! I'm NOT happy about it, I always worry about being smelly & I sweat a lot when I'm 'on'.
I treated myself to a George Foreman & I've done burgers on it & chicken sprinkled with Cajun spice, lovely! Sam glad your family are supporting you! My hubby has noticed he can fel my ribs but my parents just know I'm on a low carb diet. We're visiting them at 1/2 term for a few days so I'm steeling myself for the comments, especialy my Dad who's a pain & enjoys telling me to 'just cut down' grrrrrr

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