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your not on your own, the first time i encountered my time of the month on this diet, did i know about it, it was really really hard, i was extra grumpy and the temptation to eat was huge, i guess i was lucky in a way that it co-incided with my add a meal week, but i think adding a meal made me want to eat even more! the best way i could deal with it was to keep busy and go to bed early!!!

hope you get through it ok, you've done so well


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You are not alone:D

Yes I get exactly the same when on this diet and TOTM is due

Luckily for my hubby he will be in the States working when I am due this month ha ha ha.

All I can suggest is that you keep drinking the water and count to 10 before speaking to anyone.

Take care
Im lucky i dont have a totm anymore as i have had the depo injection for 5 years now, and tbh i dont have symptoms anymore either.

BUT everyday on this diet i want to eat the world and snap at everyone lol
last week i had my totm on this diet and i was like a different person. i was so angry and emotional and the food cravings i had were unbelievable!!!! but i resisted and at the end of it all i was so proud to sya i'd got thru it.....and u will 2!!!



has started again!!
JUst what I am going thru now. Thats why I am sat in front of the pc and not cooking their tea!! I am sooooo uptight and so flippin' hungry.

No idea of the damage I might have done but I stuck my finger in a jar of Marmite today and ate a couple of huge globs of it. (Could've been worse, could've been on the heavily buttered toast as in pre-CD!) I just couldnt stop myself.....


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im dreading totm :(
luckily i have just finished this months, so i have a month of being able to do the diet while nice and calm lol

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