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tough day..so many temptations


well this morning i decided i would go to rhyl to get some fresh air away from everything,so i boiled 3 eggs for my breakfast and wrappd them up,and then made a rice salad for my dinner,On my way round the temptation to eat some doughnuts and candy floss were awful,It kept going through my head all the time and the only thing that has kept me going is the article i read in the paper this morning about the girl,

I have just had some bananas and grapes now as i am on the bus on my way back,its a 2 hour journey,

I really want to stick to this diet as i have lost 1.5 stone at the moment,and i know if i quit it,i will put the weight back on in no time at all plus extra.

I have to stick to green days until the end of september as its cheaper and my work isnt that secure,

I have been big all my life and this time i am trying really hard at it,


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Slow but sure....
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Well done Phil for not giving into tempation, you are a inspiration to us all, good luck with your continuing weight loss. X

Mrs V

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Hi Phil. Well done on not giving into to temptation...its a pain isnt it when these things always smell so good, but are laden with so many calories its just not worth it!
You really have done so well up until now, do you really want to pile that stone and half back on??? I dont think that you do!

Keep it up, things will get easier I promise you.



Nojo on the YoYo
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Come on dude, you can do it. What do you want more? Candy floss, or smaller jeans? Smaller jeans FTW!!!!! Reward yourself when you get home with something warm and filling, nice big bowl of pasta or something good like that! Oooh or make my cheesy potato pie, dead easy, only like 4 cheap ingredients! Makes enough to make you full for the rest of the day! Want the recipe? xx
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Well done Pill, you should feel really proud of yourself for resisting the duffnuts and candyfloss, and making the effort to take eggs etc with you. Good on ya hun. Hope your job will be secure, it must be a very stressfull time for you with the worry and thats no help is it either when you are on a diet. So you hang in there babes and keep going. xx
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Your doing absoloutly fantastic and we all have days like this, one day when you feel a bit stronger, you'l feel comfortable to aloow yourself a little in confience that you wont go off the rails, or even walk past without letting it bother you so much.
I think youv done amazing today, you should be very proud. x
Thanks for all your replies,

Vixxster,I would love the recipe,,,thanks
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well done phil, thats fantastic that you resisted temptaion, you should be really proud of yourself, thats the reason i hate shopping lol as my asda has a maccys in it! Keep it up hun!!


Trying again!!!
Just to echo the other posts Phil, well done on resisting all temptation to-day and being organised enough to bring food with you. You should be really pleased with yourself *hugs* xx


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Well done - oh the call of fresh yummy donuts :) I had one of those days yesterday - work lunch out but i was v good and had chicken salad - no dressing. Not v exciting but only vaguely SW on the menu! Keep remembering that it will all pay off at WI on Monday! X


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