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  1. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    yeah just enjoy yourself, keep on shovelling it in, keep on chasing the same old tail, keep on losing the same three pounds a fortnight, keep on sitting on the sofa watching stuff that ain't real, keep on wishing you had willpower, keep on trashing your head, liver and kidneys at the weekend, keep on posting how weak you are and keep on reaping the sympathy from the rest of the interweb weaklings who have the same keep on issues as you....

    thats what they are telling you on the other threads. this might sound hard

    but here, the truth runs about naked

    I constantly read very sympathetic replies to people who are struggling with their various weight loss travails

    Empathy and the ability to nurture is the most wonderful trait a human being can have and it's definitely prevelant in all you lovely ladies

    I dont have any. I'm just a plain, simple man.

    I rarely see anyone post cold, hard truth. If it's there it's wrapped up in warm, cosy fluffiness

    All I want to do is get six stone off. I am over halfway there. Then I want to keep it off.

    So I would like to offer my services

    Be warned....

    I don't know how you feel
    I don't care if you think are addicted to chocolate. You're not and you can't have it
    I'm sorry but if you put all that into your mouth in one day, that's your fault
    There's no need to eat more because you moved house - plan your life!
    Your body isn't weak, your mind is
    If you eat the kids leftovers and it's bad food, why are you giving that to your kids?
    Exercise will not kill you

    and I don't know a damn thing about "lady's week" so please don't ask...

    if you want sympathy because you've only lost 0.5lb this month, look elsewhere.

    because I can shave that off with a razor....

    edit 18.7.12

    THE COMMANDMENTS (I can't think of ten at the moment)

    1 - Thou shalt have a goal date if you enter here
    2 - Don't post and run you chickensh!t
    3 - If you argue with me, prepare yourself to fail
    4 - Anyone can dispense tough love, don't wait for me, I'm away fishing a lot
    5 - You must rule your head. Only you can do this
    6 - There is no tomorrow. Only what you do NOW and NEXT
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    I like you!!! :)

    Just watch though, some people take tough love very personally, as Ive discovered to my cost :rolleyes:
  4. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    thanks Starlight!

    It's only meant to be tongue in cheek tough love - but it will do what it says on the tin!

    So if anyone is thin-skinned or feeling emotional, best not apply eh?

    I just want to try and give something back, Minimins has been great for me, this can be something I can contribute my way
  5. Clanger72

    Clanger72 Silver Member

    Hurrah count me in.....a tough love/kick ass approach section on minimins is definitely needed!

    Whilst the sympathetic, understanding, compassionate responses are well intentioned they personally don't work for me. I need to hear exactly how it is so a tough love section is great!

    The only warm cosy fluffy thing about me is my dressing gown & I discarded it at the door :)
  6. Faxman

    Faxman Full Member

    I'm in. Doing loads of exercise but can't seem to shift the weight. Currently 13 stone 9lbs and my waist is 103cm. Want to get down to about 12 stone. Doing plenty of exercise, running 2-3 times a week, gym twice a week and football so it must be my diet that is letting me down.
  7. lisajade

    lisajade Silver Member

    Great thread :)
  8. Cat Lover Sue

    Cat Lover Sue Slimming and Swinging!

    Count me in. Sometimes only a kick up the arse will help! :whoopass:

    I am doing really well with my weight loss (even if I do say so myself :)) so all my work colleagues now think I am some kind of guru or have a magic wand. Its simple - don't put it in your gob I say. I know they wail as they reach for another cake or biscuit! It does my head in! Ooh I feel so much better now. :D
  9. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    and touchdown! back from a weekend at the coast

    if anyone needs tough love, i'm right in the mood, I am k-nacker-ered!


    have a good week y'all
  10. lisajade

    lisajade Silver Member

    Right, I'm here for a good kick up the bum!

    I have been on plan 100%, but I am feeling enormous and have had toilet issues all week! I did a body test on my wii fit before my workout on the weekend, and it reckons I have gained 3 pounds. Since then, I can't stop thinking about it, and I have already mentally accepted a gain for tomorrows WI. I am feeling very sorry for myself and being generally pathetic.
  11. *Flump*

    *Flump* Full Member

    Yes you are!! If you've been on it 100% then u shouldn't have anything to worry about. We all know the scales can fluctuate & play games with our minds so forget about it & move on!

    There u go consider ur butt kicked, hope it helped :)
  12. *Flump*

    *Flump* Full Member

    Fat-Flump reporting for tough love boot camp!! I have 11 stones of lard to shift & tough love seems to be the only way that works for me :)
  13. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    OK Lisa-Jade, lets analyse why you think you will gain if you've been 100%. Is this generally really possible, or have you actually not been 100%?

    I am not saying you are lying, I am wondering if you've missed something or upped a portion?

    Because if you are 100% then mentally you should be strong and anticipating nothing worse than a STS!

    I feel that you should ensure you stay totally on plan before tomorrow and treat yourself to something you like to pull out of the mood!

    Your mood may be linked to what you call "toilet issues". There is no man alive that can deal with that, you're on your own! Jeez, i'm tough but I did say on the OP - I AM A MAN!!! lol

    A trip to the cinema, a bracing walk or a good old catch up with a good friend could work wonders on that - maybe?

    be strong and post what happened

    Tuffie, Over n out!
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  14. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    Hey there posie

    First things first - get a moderator to change your profile name, you will get nowhere with anything less than a positive nickname - even if it's NO MORE FAT FLUMP

    Come back here when thats done and we'll make a start! GO! Run!
  15. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    Sue with oyur stats you are on the jazz, I dunno if you need tough love, I think we need you as inspiration here though, thanks for dropping in, please stay alongside, thank you
  16. lisajade

    lisajade Silver Member

    Thanks Rod :) I will definitely let you know what happens.

    PS: You're not so tough :p
  17. *Flump*

    *Flump* Full Member

    When I've shed a few stone I'll change it to slim flump but for the minute fat flump fits lol
  18. lisajade

    lisajade Silver Member

    Bwahahaha ok you are tough!
  19. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn

    it's definitely your diet that's letting you down if you are doing all that and not dropping.

    You are psychologically telling yourself its ok to eat badly cos your'e exercising - you are probably maintaining fine, but if you're not at the weight you want to then the equation is simple - consume less calories than it takes to maintain

    you are probably eating like a horse with all that exercise - have a good look in the mirror at yourself Faxman and be honest - you have got a fairly small road to travel, so I reckon if you buckle down for 6 - 8 weeks you'll be there. July, summer, t-shirts, admiring glances from the laydees.....

    or you can carry on eating like a horse

    come back when you've dropped three lbs please!
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  20. Rod the Bass

    Rod the Bass The Outlaw Torn



    but we're not staying with the body image you have at the minute are we?

    we're heading for greater and better things

    so start in that frame of mind or we're through

    don't argue with me, this is my thread

    start your own "I don't do what toughie tells me" thread if you like, see how much sleep I lose
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  21. *Flump*

    *Flump* Full Member

    *%#@$*!!!!!! is all i have to say to that....pick on the fat lass why don'tcha LOL
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