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Tough Week


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Hi all,

I'm having a tough week and needed a bit of support so thought I would come here and unload a little.

I'm currently following the 810kcal plan and I have stuck to it 100%. My sister held a murder mystery at mine on Saturday and I had my white and green meal for the main and a sliced apple for dessert with only water to drink. Went to see my CDC on Monday and I only lost 2lb.

Yesterday I had a huge run in with my manager at work and went to visit mum on the way home to find that she'd had to take the family dog of 13 years to be put down as his discs in his back had finally given up.

Managed to avoid all the comfort food that the family ate, I came home and had my CD meal then went to bed.

Anyway, rant over, I just needed to chat

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Well done for sticking to it !!

At least now it all happened yesterday so its a new day - and have a good one.

Good night :)


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Aww sorry to hear you had a tough week so far hun but well done for sticking to the plan xx
Wow that's alot of $hit for one day

Sorry about the dog :(

You are a star :) and obviously want the weight of desperately to stick like you have

Well done x


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You have had a lot to deal with this week - I hope things are better today. Well done for sticking to your plan - it takes a lot of effort. Big hug x


is starting to disappear!
Thanks everyone for your kind words. To be honest this is the most determined I have been whilst on a diet and it didn't bother me too much. I thought I would have caved in as I'm the typical comfort eater then upset myself for eating so I eat more to comfort myself, hence the huge starting weight. Not sure what the difference is this time around but I'm glad I'm focussed.

Had a slightly better day, was tough this morning but was kept busy this afternoon so not too bad and my boss kept out of my way!



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Im glad things are looking better for you, sounds like you had a hard day, your a braver and stronger women than i am xx, hope your feeling better and well done for stick to the plan x


is starting to disappear!
Thanks everyone.

Well the week got worse unfortunately. A work colleague was made redundant, another volunteered for redundancy and my great aunt died. But I have managed to stick to the plan and I have absolutely no idea how - I usually comfort eat myself to excess.

I do have my 7 month old nephew staying over tonight so that's a better end to the week


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