Trading in my halo for a waist?


I am on the second day of SS, along with a colleague of mine. On Wednesdays we always go to a communion service at work.

Today we didn't take communion because of the diet!! We reasoned that if we were Catholic we could, as the blood and body of Christ could only be protein, but as it was CofE, and we don't believe in transubstantiation we couldn't!

Swapping Soul Source for Sole Source, you might say.

So what's the weirdest thing you've given up for SS?
The end of my husband's sausage.

And before you all gasp and fall off your computer chairs, let me explain. Whenever we go to the cinema, hubby always has a hot dog and the ritual was I'd bite the end of the sausage off that sticks out of the bun. Now he has to bite his own end off! :D
Sore arse from falling off computer chair debbie.....:D :D
russiandoll watch what you put in your mouth !!! funny family xx
LMAO at this thread!
oh Im chuckling so hard!!!!!! I know what you mean, I was the same at Ikea, their hot dogs are to die for!!
PMSL, even with the explanation it was hilarious.
you make me laugh (ps how u finding it getting back on the wagon? Im finding it a bit tough after a week of solid drinking and the odd meal in vegas!)

Polly x
Hi Polly
My restart's not going too badly at all ... typical for me to start right at the beginning of a run of birthdays: I sat at my granddaughter's birthday tea earlier this evening whilst everyone around me ate all the usual party fare! My daughter's birthday is on the 3rd and then there's bonfire night when we always have a family get together with baked spuds, chilli, stew etc. I won't give in though - 'I am strong like Bull'!

I figured that if I put my restart off until after that lot, then there was a chance I'd then put it off til after Christmas ... you know how it goes!

Yep, it's tough Polly .... but it'll be SO worth it! ;) Stay strong xx