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Training tracker


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Hi folks.

Seen as it's the first day of my mission (been off track for a few weeks :sigh: ) thought I would start a tracker for us all to update.

This is how my day went...

7.15am - 30g porridge with skimmed milk, 1 scoop protein, skimmed milk

10.00am - homemade flapjack (egg whites, wholenut peanut butter, dried fruit, oats etc)

1.45pm - 5 x organic oatcakes, half tub low fat cottage cheese

5.30pm - protein shake post workout and about a quarter of a flapjack (stomach was rumbling!!)

Dinner will be 25g brown rice and a chicken breast, with another protein shake before bed.

5 mins warm up on bike

Following Justin's TBT:
12 x squats (barbell 4.75kg each side)
12 x shoulder press (as above)
1 x plank (held for 15 seconds)

12 x deadlift (barbell as above)
12 x single arm rows (dumbell 4.25kg each side)
12 x reverse crunch

3 sets of all the above, then 5 minutes on bike.

Could definately add more weight to my squats, struggled with my shoulder presses though. That's the downfall of working out at home, no endless weights set up! Having to change between exercise is a royal pain in the arse!!!

Stuggled with my last set of single arm rows too - but I ploughed on, felt good!

Could also easily add more weight to my deadlifts. Seen as I use the dumbells for the rows, I will increase the weight on Wednesday.

Struggled on the bike at the end as I felt sick. I wasn't hungry at lunchtime and totally lost track of time, so ended up eating later than usual. Don't think I left enough time between lunch and training.

I feel good at the mo, although not aching :confused: think I need to increase the weight on the squats and deadlifts. Justin - is it worth changing the weights every time, even though it takes ages?!!!!

Hope everyone else had a productive day :D
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The main thing is that the weight challenge you on each exercise. I actually had this issue today with a client, who could row a lot of weight but lacked strength in pressing overhead. All we did was change the reps a little.

In this instance, 12 reps was her maximum for the row, but we went up to 15 for the press.

Try doing something similar, as long as your not going far over 15 reps, where the load becomes far too light to have en effect.

Alternatively, you could try using a barbell for one exercise, and dumbbells for the next. So try a barbell for the squat and differently weighted dumbbells for the press?

Also, you don't have to be aching all the time to show you've had an effective workout. Soreness is usually present in beginners to resistance exercise. if you've done similar in the past the soreness is likely to dissipate.

Sounds great overall though, keep it going!


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Did 2 lots of very brisk walking between the car and work today (20 mins each way). I didn't intend it to be brisk, but it was absolutely tamping it down with rain - grr!! I then walked to the supermarket when I got home, this time I thought I'd intentionally keep up my earlier pace, and foregoe my run seen as how it's monsoon season in Wales at the moment :argh: I had two very heavy bags in each hand on the way back, and I felt as is I had done a good session on the bike! (Probably half hour in total) So that's it for me for today I'm afraid. If time permits I will throw in a session on the bike. But back on the weights tomorrow (god I hate cardio :( lol)


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Haha! True enough, but in my old gym it was chav tv all the way :mad: lol Aww, I miss the treadmill, that and the rower I loved :sigh: never mind, just got to get out and pound the streets instead!

Do you work in a 'chain' type gym Justin?


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Same as Monday for me today. although I substituted the shoulder presses for bench presses. Same thing really, but was able to do them comfortably. Nothing else different, my planks are getting better and am loving the reverse crunches ;) No cardio though. I have a sneaky feeling my cardio is going to very limited :eek: lol Wish I could find some motivation. If I had someone to go running with for the first couple of times I would trot off on my own after that, just need someone to push me :sigh:
Aww, I miss the treadmill, that and the rower I loved :sigh: never mind, just got to get out and pound the streets instead!

Do you work in a 'chain' type gym Justin?
Road running will use more muscles than a treadmill anyway, so its better for burning calories overall. As long as you run on a soft surface like grass and don't do it too excessively then injury prevention should also be increased (although now I guess you'll be trying the cardio workout I've posted so its a moot point?)

I work in a very small chain gym, we only have two branches. One is called Crown Fitness (where Im based 90% of the time) and the other is Quest Fitness. Why do you ask?


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The gym I used to belong to also has a branch in Merthyr, thought you may have been based there, and there's me doing it down, lol! Yeah, I still fancy running, and it would be on grass, live very near a manor house with beautiful grounds where a lot of people run. But until it stops raining I will be using your new workout!

Just looked the gym up. I had no idea there was a gym there!! My in laws live just up the road. There never used to be anything so fancy in the area when my husband was living at home!! Looks like a really good place ;)
Its not as great as it looks in the pics lol. The Quest branch in caerphilly is quite done up, but my branch is still quite sorely lacking in equipment, which I'm forever cursing the owner about! However, it has been a good experience as it forces me to make the best with little equipment and encouragees me to improvise a lot more (especially when it comes to creating bodyweight circuits, which are possibly THE most underrated form of exercise in the world)

In Merthyr we have a JJB / DW fitness. Its the only chain I know of, in the town (apart from Curves, but thats not really a gym). Was it JJB you were at?


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lol @ Curves!! Yes, it was the dreaded JJB :( plenty of equipment, when it worked, but it was more like a teenage disco than a gym!!! I am seriously thinking of joining Peak Physique in Cardiff - do you know it? It's a 'proper' weights gym if you know what I mean?! :D Although, to be honest, I am doing ok at home for now. I want to see where my next job will be before I commit to another gym.

Your gym sounds like a good place to get good experience ;) do you do any private pt'ing too?
I'm in the process of converting my garage into a seperate room and making it into a small gym / studio, as I don't have the funds to rent a facility yet.

Im also not a fan of charging amounts such as £20 per hour for PT (especially in this economy) so my business plan is to basically become the gym equivalent of, say, Easyjet - far more affordable training, in a small private environment, and with good quality instruction.

I'm also in the process of converting fully to Group PT. I beleive that one on one training is dead in the water. More clients wish to train with a partner, and my results show that motivation and weight loss increases in both when training together. It also allows me to charge less per client, so its a win-win situation for everyone.

So, right now, my rates are either £12 for one hour individually, but if you wish to train in a group of 2, it becomes only £8 per hour each, and only £6 each for a group of 3.

So more results for less money basically.

But I've given too much of my business plans away now so I'm keeping shtum lol!

I know Peak Performance, although I have no clue about the trainers there, or their knowledge relative to fat loss. I beleive its a strength & bodybuilding gym which will give you a more motivating and dedicated atmopshere to train in, but gives me doubts as to what instruction you will be given.

For instance, I still see most instructors and PTs giving fat loss clients Bodypart-Split programs. Chest on Monday, Legs on tuesday etc.

Why people are still giving a bodybuilder's routine to a 90kg lady looking to trim a bit of fat is sheer ignorance om behalf of our industry. Its truly no wonder so many people are losing faith in gyms.

...Sorry I got off on a bit of a rant there...:s


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Yes, there are certainly a lot of charlatans out there, as there are in most industries. Your business plans sound great - I bet you'll be thriving! My sis is law has a beauty spa in that area with detox boxes etc, and people are always looking for help and guidance to lose weight. If you are looking for somewhere to drop some flyers let me know and I'll have a word.

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