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Travel query


As a newbie, first of all can I say this is a brilliant forum and you all sound so friendly and supportive!

I'm seeking advice please - I am planning on flying from the UK to Oz for a holiday in December - can anyone advise if its ok to take the SS sachets on this journey please? Would these be a problem going thru customs, although I could make up a drink to show them how safe it is lol. I really want to continue with my weight loss while I'm over there.
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Hiya, I have travelled through Europe with my packs with no problem, I take along the booklets too. The one time I did get stopped they were happy with them because they were un-opened. Im really not sure about Australia though but would recommend you asking the airline first and also might be worth contacting Australias customs Contact Customs Try this link for contact details, always better to be sure :) xxxx
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Thanks prinzessin for this, I never thought about emailing their customs. I'll await their reply.
I have looked on airline website but not enough info so have already emailed them the question.
I've got plenty of time to organise this, but would rather know now and plan an alternative if needed.
Thanks again,

As long as the packs are sealed I'm pretty sure they'll be fine! My friend works for HM Customs & Excise; I had a question a while ago about taking some chilli powder mixture over to my mum (she can't buy it in France) and she said as long as its sealed it's coool! :)


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Declare and beware
Australia is one of the STRICTEST places in the world when it comes to food stuffs, do not risk a very large fine.


The link for all items is on this link....
What can't I take into Australia? - DAFF

Download the brochure, but still might need you to email them.

If you are still unsure before travelling and decide to take CD items, please ensure that you declare them on your form for them to inspect and decide. Avoiding any fines.

You will be given an Incoming Passenger Card before you land in Australia. This is a legal document. You must tick YES to declare if you are carrying any food, plant material or animal products. If you have items you don’t wish to declare, you can dispose of them in quarantine bins in the airport terminal.

On arrival your baggage may be X-Rayed, inspected or checked by a detector dog team. If you fail to declare or dispose of any quarantine items, or make a false declaration:

you will be caught
you could receive an on-the-spot fine of up to $AUD220, or
you could be prosecuted and face a fine of up to $AUD66,000 or 10 years imprisonment which may result in a criminal record.
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Nibbles, well said. Pleased someone knows about that properly. I was only taking mine to the EU so I guess that's the difference. Sorry if I mislead anyone!!
Hi all
Thanks for this. I have been in touch with all the Australian customs agencies and they have directed me to their sites for the info. Although I must admit one of them doesn't work lol.

I've also re-emailed them with a question so I can be sure. There is no way I would even think about not declaring them, I just want to be able to continue CD whilst out there. With it being so hot (hopefully) it will be easier for me to continue.

I'll feedback on the forum how I got on for future reference (although obviously this can change over time).

thanks again for your comments.


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