Travelling to the US with CD


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I dont see why not, you only add water and they have it there ;)
If you are going to pick or eat...have low carbs or even better - NO CARBS

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My mum has always taken her packs with her on holiday. She went to the States and the Maldives with them and has never had a problem. She always just packs them in her suitcase inbetween her towel so they don't get damaged.

I can see your point though, they are terrible in the States... I was almost naked going through security last time I went. They made me take my shoes, belt, all my jewellery, hair bobble and top off as they all had metal bits on! The shame. Thank god I'd lost a bit of weight!

I'm sure you will be fine. If you're super worried, call your airline as they should be able to offer some advice.

Have a great time when you go, my parents are there now, mum called me from Bloomingdales yesterday...the witch!


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Thanks for your replies!


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Any chance you can have your CD counsellor write a short note explaining what the packets are? Namely that they are food replacement packs and are part of a diet, so they don't think you're importing some sort of exotic club drug called "porridge"?

I think they're only really concerned with liquids in airports these days, and that's only in the luggage you carry on with you, not what's in the luggage hold. Just pack them in your suitcase and you shouldn't have problems.


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i have heard about people having tetras taken off them so i would stick to the dry packs and put them in the hold just in case... but some have even had these taken. if that happens, stick to no carbs and you shouldn't do too much damage.

abz xx


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Having PM'ed Vicx, i am a little concerned at advice which continues to be posted here and feel that CD'ers should be aware of the risks of taking food abroad.
On another website, i found a post which i have sent to Vicx with the link.
Here is a small piece of that post which i have extracted.

""" I'm Crew and i'm in the states all the time! Cambridge falls into the dairy products that is on your customs form.
I thought that i would be alright as crew going through, how wrong was i! it was the sniffer dog that found my packets, just after i collected my bags went to hand in my customs form and bang the dogs was sniffing.
I was fined $700 on the spot, so just be careful if you take them!"""

I think it is the fact that CD are mostly dairy drinks with fruit/ veg included too. USA can be very strict.
Australia is very very strict too.
Always declare any foodstuffs on your declaration form if required by the country you are visiting. By declaring them, if the items are not permitted, then no fine will be incurred and the items will be taken from you and destroyed.
If you do not declare items and they are found in a routine check, then the fines can be very high.
US$700 ( close to £500 ) was low, let me tell you.
No amount of pleading or acting naive will help.
Letters from CDCs are not much good either, it is the dairy element that is the problem.
I guess there isn't such a problem with the choc bars, but i would still write ANY foodstuffs on my form and do.
If you choose not to declare items, then take a VERY deep breath as you pass through the various customs channels and be prepared to pay the fine.


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Oh Gosh! Thanks for this Nibbles, I honestly thought it was ok as my mum had never had a problem, so went to the Maldives (where the are terribly strict, you can get a prison sentance for taking pain killers!) and the States and never had a problem....she's there now with them! I shall be telling her to leave them at home in future!
Thanks for the information.


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I never cease to be amazed at a lot of the scaremongering that goes on about what can and can't be brought in or shipped to the US, particularly on web forums.

I'm an American citizen living in the UK and as such have had a bit of an education about what you can't bring in or send back home. Not denying that some people have had some truly horrific experiences coming through customs into the US, but a lot of that boils down to the person you encounter and has nothing to do with the actual regs.

If you are curious about what you can and can't bring in, check out Prohibited and Restricted Items -

Nowhere on that list does it mention dairy. .. not sure where that idea comes from.

CD packs are counted as a form of prepared food. The only thing that might throw it off is if there is meat in the pack, not dairy. I think it boils down to how the person you encounter at customs interprets the following directive:

You may bring bakery items and certain cheeses into the United States. The APHIS web site features a Travelers Tips section and Game and Hunting Trophies section that offers extensive information about bringing food and other products into the country. Many prepared foods are admissible. However, almost anything containing meat products, such as bouillon, soup mixes, etc., is not admissible. As a general rule, condiments, vinegars, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee and tea are admissible. Because rice can often harbor insects, it is best to avoid bringing it into the United States.

Does anyone know if CD is vegetarian?


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I'm just back from a 15 day trip to Florida.

I took shakes and bars with me in my hold luggage. When I completed the customs form, I asked advice on the plane and was told that they only needed to know about meat or vegetables or obviously dairy products. When I mentioned I had Cambridge diet bars and shakes in my suitcase, they asked me to tell them what they were. Then I was told that there was no problem as its really only the milk and eggs that worry the Americans. I had no problems getting through customs or security.

I had shakes or bars when I could and when we ate out I had salads which are really gorgeous out there - with loads of choice in fat free dressings! In all I appear to have gained 5 lbs - but as I don't officially weigh for another 2 days, we'll see.