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Treadmill? What Excerise Machine Do You Use?


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
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Hey! Was just wondering what sort of excerise machines everyone uses.
I use a treadmill and an ab king pro.
My mum has just brough a step machine thingy ( fully cant remember the name of it)
But which so people think have the most effect on weightloss?
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Hi Kirsty :)

I just bought a Treadmill and my aim is 30mins each morning. I used to go to the gym and do 30mins there. I don't know about weightloss but it deffo firmed me up and i felt sooo much better about myself when i'd finished.

I'm interested in this "ab king pro" - what is this? Is it in the argos catalog? lol! How are you getting on with it? :)


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
S: 111kg C: 105kg G: 70kg Loss: 6kg(5.39%)
Ab king pro.. Im Not Sure What Argos is lol. Im from New Zealand.
It helps you do sit ups etc and apparently 3 mins a day gets your abs or something. Its hard at first but i can do it fully now.. and the next day my abs (which are under fat at the mo) hurt to much!!
i am also using Treadmill and Spin Bikes, but i always prefer to go out for walking and jogging because one can not only get fitness and body shape but also fresh Air and Environment.

whatever Treadmill is great simple exercise that i ever used.

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:D I have a Roger Black cross trainer, and spend at least 25 mins a day on it, i started at level three but now im on level seven, it has a digital readout which monitors Heart rate, calories burnt and time/ distance travelled, it is low impact on your knees but builds up a good sweat :p


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I have a treadmill and an airwalker, i use them 3 times a week, also go for long walks with hubby. xxx


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Hi - Treadmill in the gym for me, along with the powerplate, weights and for the first time last week the spinning bike. Run and cycle out and about as well. Best for fat burning? Do interval training, basically do 2 mins of fast running and then 2 mins at a slower pace, 2 mins faster, 2 mins slower etc etc gets your heart rate going up and down. This helps with stamina as well so you can increase your speed, or length of time running as well.
I tend do classes but I do have a treadmill which I started using again today. Have purchased a pair of fit flops and walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes - now my ass is killing me!!! :)

Machine-based exercise for me is a mere 5 minutes a day, 4 times per week (so 20 mins per week) on the elliptical trainer. I only started today, though it isn't a lot of time and I have a feeling I'll be able to stick with it easily enough. I'll increase the time to 10 minutes next week if all goes well this week :)

Other than that I walk/play with my puppy every day for about 45 minutes in the park (not including the walk to/from), I walk as quick as I can to work, and I take all the stairs in my path (which is quite a few).

So far so good.
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I use my lateral thigh trainer three times a week and have just invested in a little trampoline thingymagig. Just done a half out workout with my little girl who loves playing on the trampoline LOL. It was fun and I feel fab its done. Now off to put my slendertone belt on to work those abs.
For cardio I like the elliptical and stationary bike.

I spend most of my time with weights though. My favourites being seated chest press and incline DB press. I fid squats very effective but I can't say they are one of my "favourites" :D


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Hi, I don't use any gym eqipment (as I'm not registered at the gym) but I go to spinning classes, zumba, and sometimes toning classes. Also recently started C25K (couch to 5K) podrunner intervals. I'll start resistance training soon -at home.
(Got an exercise bike somewhere behind piles of stuff in the garage - I bet it wonders when it will see the light of day!)
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i use my treadmill and my exercise bike im my spare bedroom


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I love using the treadmills at the gym. I used to go jogging outside in the mornings aiming to do about 2 miles a session. But the thing is, I kept myself going by saying "you can walk for a while when you reach that lampost/bench/road" which made me a little bit lazy and kindof shook my stamina. If you're on a treadmill its more like "you can stop when you reach 20 minutes/200 calories" or something. Also if you want to slow down you have to adjust the settings so your body doesn't get lazy without you knowing:D
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:D My wonderful Grandma has given myself and my hubby an early christmas pressie of some money that has to be spent on ourselves:D
We have decided to invest in a Treadmill so....I ordered it last night and it is being delivered on friday morning.I can't wait:D
I love the wave machine in the gym...bit like a stepper but the motion is more like ice skating or roller blading! It burns tons of calories without dying of exhaustion :)

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