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Treadmills/Rowing machines etc - which ones??

Hi guys,

Just a quick question really, could any one recommend any exercise equipment, treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine etc. I’m really heavy 25 stone mark and don’t fancy the Gym at all, I’m walking two miles a day but would love to have a treadmill or something similar at home. The problem is most of the ones i have seen i have been too heavy for, does any one know of a brand/model that I could safely use at my weight? Ideally i don’t want to be spending upwards of £500 i know it doesn’t seem a lot of money when you look at the price of some equipment but it is a lot of money to me,


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Thanks for the reply Trixtabella, Will have a look around for one.

By chance saw a ad in the post office today for a gazelle glider so i called and going to pick it up tomorrow, she said its the older non portable model and her husband used to use it at 22 stone, so worth a try especially seeing as its only £50!!


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I would proabs suggest cross trainer because it is very low impact.
the cross trainer kills me!
its a good bit of equipment to have aroud, so id reccomend this too
It bores me to death in the gym, but it gets results and my knees don't have to suffer like they do when I run :)
Im really scared and nervous about going to a gym, although i admit i do need it as it would help me. but im worried about all the "beautiful people" and the "look at me look at me" types. i know its my own insecurities, and the chances are most people wouldnt care about the 25 stone fat man sweating on the treadmill.

Whats your guys gyms like?
I go to Greens, it's really good. You get the pretty people in there but I think they use it more as a social club.
I have never had anyone say anything to me or look at me funny, however I still have a bit of a complex about walking into the swimming area.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
the gyms i go too are good, theres not just the skinny minnies in there, people of all sizes. everyones made to feel comfortable, no one stares at people using machinery ect.... quite a relaxing environment.

if they were looking at you on the treadmill sweating away, theyd more like think "wow hes working hard!"
This is true you are at the gym to loose those lbs, you'd have more chance someone being mean to you in the street which I had once already this week.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
when i see someonesweating alot in the gym i genuinely think they are working hard.

remember you are doing something about your weight, when you could just give up completely. dont listen to any nasty comments anyone says :)
thank you both so much, i really do appreciate it.

Im going to try the gym on Monday, really dont have any excuse not to especially as i have a Gym that i walk past on a daily basis (its seriously 3 minutes away from my house) although i looks to be a gym for guys and girls seriously into their weight training but i will give it a bash.

once again thank you so so much, i will let you know my thoughts after ive been.

this place is great, i would have never told any one about these little insecurities


Les Mills Fitness Freak
hope it goes well :)

(if it is a proper weights gym, then im jelous! i want one near me- i love weights!)
hi guys,

I sure did at first i felt really self conscious and very embarrassed. just as i thought it is basically a Gym for people seriously into their weights (some guys there are huge!!) they do however though have a seperate building with cardio stuff in there. Monday i was the only one in that room! other than for 5 minutes near the end of my "work out". Today though i got talking to a couple of guys there and one guy gave me some really helpfull tips and a crash course mini exercise plan. planning on going to the gym at least 3 times a week now!

feeling very knackered but its worth it.
Wow that's fantastic news I'm so pleased you went well done you:)

Keep us informed of how you are getting along won't you? x
I am glad you enjoyed yourself, and seems you have nice people at your gym too.

I often wonder where this misconception comes from that the gym is just full of beautiful people walking around like Greek adonises.

I blame American TV lol

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