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S: 11st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(2.58%)
A wedding dress!

Well - my aim is to lose the weight this year, although probably not getting married for another 12 months. But eventually, a wedding dress!


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S: 47.2kg C: 43.2kg G: 24.5kg BMI: 16.5 Loss: 3.9kg(8.37%)
probably an IMac ;) I have tons of clothes so I won't need to buy to many....maybe get married and have a nice dress ;)


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S: 11st11lb C: 11st9.5lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.91%)
a nice boyfriend? haha no im amassing a lovely collection of size 10's so just treating myself in general i think! by the end of september i will be debt free !!! so i am looking forward to being able to treat myself as well as get saving for a deposit x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
S: 12st6.8lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ive only just started but for every stone i lose my bf is going to buy me another Pandora bead :D


Is a loser :)
S: 24st2lb C: 20st8lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 3st8lb(14.79%)
Think i'll treat myself and hubby to a nice holiday without kids, no be worried about the plane seat belt breaking my circulation, the heat killing me and feeling comfortable in my swim suit and lying on a sun bed not worried about it breaking, really that would be bliss.
All lovely treats!!

I've just treated myself and booked a spa day with a friend at Stoke Park Country Club (it was a special offer) for 3 weeks time. I can't wait!!
I think you need to treat yourself now and again, when you're doing well...you deserve it! ;-)


Fab & Fit For Florida
i want to treat myself to some real Uggs and have them look nice and loose - already have my leopard print jumper dress at the ready for a nice cosy winter look :)


Bouncy Castle
S: 19st4lb C: 12st5.5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st12.5lb(35.74%)

(and a pair of Jimmy Choos or similar...)


Feeling Motivated
S: 13st2lb C: 12st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st10lb(5.43%)
A spa weekend OR a full blown beach holiday to show off in my bikini! :)


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S: 15st10lb C: 14st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 0st11lb(5%)
spangles - just a quick side line.. cd seems to make ppl super fertile (i know from very surprised experience) ... so u never know u might just need the shoes! :)

mine will be to actually set a wedding date and get married, as we cancelled our wedding last year.
It's not when i get to goal, but once i can see that my face is smaller and my cheekbones more prominent I want to treat myself to a pair of designer sunglasses :D
S: 19st12lb C: 15st1lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 4st11lb(24.1%)
I already have my treat I think. My university accommodation is being paid for by my parents as it costs a lot more than it usually would!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
S: 13st13lb C: 11st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.41%)
Lucky boy!
Keep up the good work!
S: 13st8lb C: 9st0lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 4st8lb(33.68%)
My treat will be the look on the ladies face when she goes to alter my wedding dress!!!

She looked at me very sceptically when I told her I was going to lose weight and advised me to buy the size bigger (which we did).

So, Hopefully she is going to have to do a lot of alterations!! :D

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